"The gender of Lan Caihe is unknown. ... Chinese theatre portrays Lan as wearing feminine clothes, but speaking in a masculine voice ... Lan was said to have been a man who could not understand how to be a man."

Lan Caihe is an immortal from Taoist mythology who has been gender nonconforming for several dynasties, who was originally a homeless street performer. I've finished rewriting this former stub from all sources I can access without resorting to interlibrary loans. This now appears to be the most thorough piece of writing about Lan Caihe in any Western language (and I'd love to be proven wrong about that).



Most of the sources I cited gave their own different opinions about Lan Caihe's gender, and they all really seemed to be just opinions. I wasn't able to find any source where Lan said what their own gender was. When you read the Wikipedia article about Lan Caihe, what's your opinion of what Lan's gender is, and why?

@frameacloud reading the article, the quote “Lan Caihe was a man who could not understand how to be a man” was I think the one that stood out as being most definitive.

@frameacloud It definitely read to me as "this person is probably nonbinary, but we can't prove it and a lot of experts try to assign a binary gender anyway because binarism is a strong force in academia".

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