Serious question, how do you find light bulbs that don't make a high-frequency noise?


oh damn you still have the high edge of your hearing? I miss being able to hear CRT whines.

Not that I ever see CRTs any more anyway but...

Some LCD monitors make a worse noise than any CRTs, because it's dissonant tones.

@frameacloud I don't know the details of your situation, but most *likely* the noise is coming from either a fluorescent ballast or a transformer.

If you're able to hear a noise from incandescent bulbs, then it's not a transformer bothering you so disregard this advice.

If a transformer probably is the noise issue 

@frameacloud picture of a filament LED now that I'm home.
This one's a GE Relax brand that also advertises itself as dimmable; I just tested it at a couple brightness levels and it stayed quiet.

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