Hello! I’m new to both Mastodon and Nice to be joining all of you here! :)

Please feel free to teach me about community norms if I accidentally bork up. I’d prefer to know than have folks assume that I’d figure it out. 💙

@faileas 1: don't be a jerk
2: put cw's on your politics, porn, and sigils. And anything else you think is likely to cause people to have an immediate emotional reaction.

The general Mastodon community has kind of adopted a convention of adding a general feeling to cw'd posts; "uspol (-)", "uspol (~)", and "uspol (+)" are respectively unhappy, meh, and happy things about US politics, for instance. Let people know what a post is about and what kind of mood it'll create BEFORE they decide to see it.

That's pretty much it.

@anthracite I feel like this is a stupid question, but what is a “sigil”?

Also, any advice on cw for the occasional medical post? Medical stuff has recently become a major part of my life (unfortunately).

@faileas Sigil: magical spell in the form of an image. This is a "ha ha only serious" kind of rule.

If you're gonna be talking about invasive medical procedures I'd definitely advise a cw. (something like "surgery description", "medical squick", "photographs of my insides"?)

I've also seen people using cw's for less obviously-EWWGROSS things like 'depression', or 'suicidal ideation'.

Basically the rule of thumb is if it would make you or one of your friends sad or angry to see it sitting there in the middle of your timeline, then do a cw. Something like "I just saw the doctor and they said my scary condition has gone completely into remission!" probably doesn't need one.

@faileas Also the instance will *make* you cw anything longer than 777 characters, because despite having a maximum post length of 7777ch, I don't want this to be That Instance What Lets You Spam The Heck Out Of People's Timelines With Super Long Posts.

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