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@Leucrotta I’ve always viewed it as a hereditary title, passed down from the first baby whose sister didn’t come get him.

@frameacloud was it you who recommended a B&W pixel game to me where you go uncover a damaged alien cityscape? Wanting to play that again.

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In the western US, you can use the Western Monarch Milkweed Mapper to report sightings of monarch butterflies and milkweed. The western part of their migration isn't as well understood, so that's why they're collecting data on it. The site tells a lot about all the kinds of milkweed, which look very different from one another. Planting non-native varieties can actually be bad for the monarchs, because that can disrupt their migration schedules.

@mdmarron The Russian fantasy novel "the sacred book of the werewolf."

Hypothermia takes the fun out of birdwatching. Fortunately this problem can be solved by getting the better raincoat I needed since I moved to Alaska. (WTF self, you know how to pack better than this!) The birding is excellent.

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US Citizen?

Take a moment to protest the monstrous rule stripping away protections from our transgender friends. Protections that prevent them being denied medical care when dying of injuries.

This is important.

@anthracite plug the thing in. Press the “reset” button?

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Anyway, I don’t mention it much here but: I do a comic called White Noise that’s about queer monsters and magic and trauma and stuff. Each page is transcribed in prose for accessibility. Chapter 9 starts today, if this sounds like something you’re into:

CW for violence, themes of civil unrest and oppression, a lot of swearing, and some alcohol and drugs.

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