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@anthracite ...Skinny Puppy would be great for housecleaning, yeah! :D

Housemate needed for June 1st, greater Seattle area (boost OK) 

@zebratron2084 @Leucrotta @anthracite Did I imagine the Noozles episode where they all go to The Dreamtime? That was the best episode.

@goat hmm can I send this via email to a guy I know?

Eredien echoed

Remember: wearing face masks interferes with facial recognition systems.

Sabotage the Deep State today! Keep your mask on in public at all times!

Housemate needed for June 1st, greater Seattle area (boost OK) 

@sashakovich I did this already. They were flight tickets for Dodo Airlines.

Asking For Help With Groceries and HRT, Boosts Appreciated 

@Jacel that bird's mouth is smaller than the peanut

@Leucrotta I think her art facebook page is public? Here's an article about her in last year's holiday Saratoga NY magazine:

@Leucrotta Donkey's ears are good. If you want tips on horse anatomy please follow my friend Michelle's facebook page, she has been drawing horses since she was like 3?

@Jacel @_ Wow were you feeding them? That's amazing!

@Leucrotta can you link me that article? My dad was on a submarine and I think he’d enjoy reading it.

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