I spent a day watching fox videos on you tube and realized foxes have vertical slit pupils! I looked up what animals have vertical slits and found it was cats, foxes, geckos, alligators, vipers and some species of birds. They are predators which are low to the ground and the vertical slits offer advantages. I had heard foxes had canine hardware and feline software, but they have some hardware mods, too - the vertical slit pupils, and some have retractable claws! sci-news.com/biology/science-p


@ewankeep I didn't know they had retractable claws! At 0:55 in this video that I took of some fox kits in 2012, you can see the fox kit pupils getround pretty clearly in the bright sun; hope you enjoy!

@eredien gray foxes (which are nocturnal) have retractable claws. Red foxes and arctic foxes don't have retractable claws. Nice vid footage of a lovely fox family. Thanks for sharing. :)

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