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On the insidious incrementalism of dismantling of human rights for marginalised groups in society:

CW: holocaust discussion

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🌙 ive said it before and ill say it again

ableds have a monopoly on the outdoors

@Cerulean you may be interested in this anthology of type design. I know I jumped on it.

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Heads-up: apparently Twitch got hacked by some anon off 4chan and their, like, everything got posted

There's rumors that this included encrypted passwords, so changing 'em might be advisable.

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Still, I have not found any Indonesian people in this web. Please boost so any Indonesian can follow and meet me.

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2 days left in our study looking at menstrual bleeding. Our smallest sample is postmenopausal people. If you have gotten a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine & are postmenopausal please consider participating! PLEASE RT!



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anticapitalist recycling-post 

I made Indian food tonight! It was good but took forever! I had no idea what I was doing lol.

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you're not allowed to post about fat bear week if you're a jerk about fat humans

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friends of #zapatista folk: comrades need 150€ til Sep 26 for travel reception costs, could you help boosting this in your platforms?

#giraZapatista #ezln

@dzuk Me, headshot wearing a scarf and catching a snowflake on my tounge.

Me, headshot smiling broadly with rainbow hearts floating around my head

Headshot of thinking/pensive face with clawed hand on chin (my claws are dark brown in the red form)

Headshot of sticking tounge out and going pbbht loking silly

Me, headshot with an arm around my cat's head and my cat looking slighly squished (cat photo attached, cat is longhaired siamese with blue eyes)

A small flower (red trillium) in a plant pot with a small gardening spade next to it

Is this doable? Do you have any questions? Can you let me know how much the fee will be so I can paypal/venmo you at the end of this week?

@anthracite you know that commission you did for me of Mori? Can I have your permission to print it on stuff? Say, a cozy blanket? Or is that something you can set up on Redbubble with minimal effort and you get $?

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If anyone is in the same boat I was, wanting to buy the Lil Nas X album without DRM and for a good price, his official site has it for $5.99

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Indigenous-led resistance to 21 fossil fuel projects in the U.S. and Canada over the past decade has stopped or delayed an amount of greenhouse gas pollution equivalent to at least one-quarter of annual U.S. and Canadian emissions

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this is /extremely rad/ and I feel like some of y'all would dig the heck out of it

- 🎒 ✨

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