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Remember: wearing face masks interferes with facial recognition systems.

Sabotage the Deep State today! Keep your mask on in public at all times!

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Pacome is currently collecting sky pictures for a sky map experiment on
If you have the opportunity, he is looking for one picture of the sky from where you are, taken as vertical as possible, body facing south (so north will be up on the pic), and with gps coordinates included (or the approximative address of the pic).
Or simply drop that pic on
Today is better! Thanks!

Pacome collecte actuellement des images du ciel pour une expérience de carte du ciel sur
Si vous en avez l'occasion, il cherche une photo du ciel d'où vous êtes, prise aussi verticalement que possible, le corps orienté vers le sud (donc le nord sera sur la photo), et avec les coordonnées gps incluses (ou l'adresse approximative de la photo).
Ou simplement déposer cette photo sur
Aujourd'hui : encore mieux. Merci !

#cartography #cartographie

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@Kyresti Define 'win'. The goose would make off with all the Bells but Nook would demand repayment with interest.

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So who would win in a cage match? Tom Nook or the Untitled Goose?

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If I ever get quarantined I'm going to take the opportunity to dye my hair and paint my nails.

Hi QUILTBAG+ folks, are you quarantined? Wanting something to do? Try registering for the PRIDE Study! The first and longest running multiyear study of Queer Health!

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covid-19, working class, organizing 

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tag your fucking spider pictures *PLEASE* for the aracnophobes

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hey does anyone wanna donate to my film we're close to filming now and need all the help we can get! its a short film about a lesbian relationship that focuses on mental health! boosts and donations are SO SO SO appreciated !
thank you!! <3

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Would anyone be interested in helping boost the signal for crowdfunding for

It's a properly gender-inclusive social network/online dating site, with killer pronoun features, and we only need £150 to cover hosting costs for a year. :)

#gender #nonbinary #trans #GenderInclusive??

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you can choose your friends, and you can choose your pronouns, but you can't choose your friends' pronouns

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Wanna help a comrade who just had a very shitty thing happen to them, but don't have time right now?

Good! Set an alarm for a few weeks from now.

Community support is often strong immediately after bad news and declines quickly within the first 2 weeks unless the person effected explicitly asks for help again.
Recovery from an intense experience often takes 6 to 8 weeks or more.

Be that person that still checks in and makes time for that comrade 3, 5 and 8 weeks after the shitty thing.

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My novel, BOOKS & BONE, is 80% off and costs only $0.97 on until Monday 2nd March!

🎉 📚 💀 ✨

This is in celebration of being nominated for the 2019 Booknest Fantasy Awards for Best Debut novel.

Please buy and read it and enjoy. ^_^

And if you enjoy it, I'd really appreciate your vote in the awards.

Comes with both kindle and EPUB files:

The Award:

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Happy first day of March-- wait! Today is really a rare extra day of February!

Leap Day comes once every 4 years. I like to see them as a reminder that calendars are not themselves time, just a human effort to measure time, which unavoidably gets awkward. I also like to use Leap Day as a special day to review the last 4 years. Then I make plans & predictions for the next 4.

If I have time (even with today being itself extra time), I'll make some additions to this thread about how I like to observe Leap Day.

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Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

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