Exhausting day today on top of being pretty sleep-deprived last night, so I'm not really up to a sketch tonight. Things are still fine, I just ended up having to do a lot of running around. But - yeah, I'm pooped. Back tomorrow!

This dragon is still a kid, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm. The clock-like gadget and the weird ray-gun work via "dracotech". This means that he cobbles stuff together that looks scientific, assumes it works, and then it does (because dragon). It's magic, but don't ever call it that when he's within earshot - he'll insist he's actually inventing things.

The coat and wild mane-crest give him a vibe halfway between Doc Brown and any random instance of The Doctor, and that's entirely intentional. The one thing he's lacking so far is a name, but I'm sure one will find its way to him in time.

D'oc Tarrasque, the ornery old hermit who lives in a cave in the Near Wild. He doesn't like to talk about what made him so distrustful of the whole outside world, but if the legends (see below link) are to be believed, he's got a pretty good reason. How a monster old enough to lose count of his age ended up in a cave in Elseways is between him and the Corps, but it's got something to do with the parallel universe ideas that Lillian's been researching. He's supposed to be unique. Who says Elseways is the only place to claim the Tarasque himself as a resident?


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Yes, and when they both get brought into Elseways at the same time, things get complicated fast. Not just for the individuals involved, but all the Corps' ways of telling people apart break a little.

A more realistic version of Fala, more in line with how I originally envisioned her looking. The thing is, the way Fala is now, she never could have actually looked like this.

She was a cartoonish green mouse, and then the Empire of Logic invaded her homeland and fused her with an umbrella she was carrying, imprisoning her in a simulation until Blit freed her and all the rest of the Bitkin. It's completely incompatible with the existence of this other Fala, and yet they both do.

Lillian has made puzzles like this a research subject. She wants to figure out just how parallel universes work (and why time travel is so dangerous). But sometimes the same person will occur in different variations across unrelated worlds, and there must be something there.

Dreamt - in sort of "Watching a movie" form - that people around the world were mysteriously losing the ability to read, and this was caused by an evil font designer whose radical (and illegible) designs had been rejected too many times. The hero was a typesetter who, the narration said, was so good at their job that they could convey emotions, prosody, and even a speaker's inner thoughts just by being clever enough about how words were written or styled.

Blit and Carmina are both about the same size, have similar quasi-magical wands (Blit's tail detaches to become one, and Carmina's doubles as a needle-sharp rapier), and in fact have known each other since before either ended up in Elseways.

Carmina's first jaunt outside the Clothlands took her through a portal into part of the System that Blit was in charge of (before he moved the whole operation over to the Nexus Center), where she tried and failed a few times to keep up with the high pace of Bitkin life. It was still better than her old boring job, though, and once he convinced her to keep trying, she became a valuable team member with a more empathetic and emotional view of the world than any of the Bitkin were used to. Outside perspectives are very useful.

@Felthry @zetasyanthis

This whole thing strikes me as odd, and I think your boss needs to get in touch with wherever that electrician works and find out just what the story there is.

Assorted sketches of Lillian, just because I felt like drawing her. She's fun to draw, especially when she gets worked up enough to break out of her usual Resting Neutral Cat Face.

And yes, I have been watching Taskmaster. Lillian would be a good stand-in for Alex, although she's got a fairly different personality. But standing around observing events carrying a timer on a tablet is something she's well-suited for.

The captain of the Whalefall is named Tegmine, a piratical demon who feeds on fear. Being a thief and scavenger by nature, she's taken pieces of other sea creatures and affixed them to herself - she might change her mind and find something better, at which point she'll switch, but it's in her nature to be greedy. Whatever she discards go to the crew, or just float around disembodied for a while. The Whalefall is full of the raw vital energy she and her crew extract from their victims - this powers the random patchwork sea life under her control, and is how the ship itself stays mobile, too.


Crystal's supposed to have a tail, too, but I didn't catch that mistake until after the post was already up.

Crystal isn't the only one of her kind. Her particular origin world was one where scientists (probably those meddlers at the Aether Foundation) found a way to alter the shapes of Pokémon to become humanoid (for sanity's sake I'm restricting this to things in the Field egg group, which is still pretty wide), and then use these new hybrids for further experiments. They're just as intelligent as humans now and live side-by-side with them (and have for a couple decades at this point), although they can still be transported inside spheres and still have limited access to the moves their wild counterparts can perform.

This is the kind of thing that's fun to come up with but that I always hold back on sharing, and I think I want to break that habit.

Annex is a town on a rectangular peninsula about 250 miles north of Elseways (at the real-world location of Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel). The Corps administers it but much more casually; there are a few agents there to keep the peace, but it's deliberately a very low-key kind of place with looser rules about who can live there. Like Crystal here - she's unabashedly a Pokémon (if a many-armed anthro sort).

On a personal level, I'm not comfortable with characters based on licensed properties showing up in Elseways (outside Nexus Center which is explicitly "anyone could show up here and visit"). Elseways is too close to my own heart, and the story I want to tell about it doesn't need fan-character OCs of other worlds in it. But they still need a place to live.

Let's call it Annex. Not formally part of Elseways, but conceptually attached to it and just a short hop away by plane (the Corps' preferred form of inter-region transport). Like Elseways, the topography is the same as the real world but the buildings have all been rebuilt to suit the new inhabitants. Annex takes up the peninsula between Earth's Monterey and Carmel, rebuilt with more clean near-future-utopia technology and fewer golf courses.

Elseways is too personal a project for me to feel like putting characters based on existing creative works there. But Crystal definitely needs somewhere to live. So do Chain the Ringtail and Noir the Raven.

It wouldn't be Elseways, but it certainly could be nearby and also tended to by the Corps. Santa Cruz/Monterey feels like the right spot for it…

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cw: disturbing fish biology 

Simplifying and refining some of the demon designs. Samakah looks more angler-y now and Punarvasu less ornate, but these are closer to how I want them to look in-game where they'll just be pixel-art sprites. There's Pisces, Gemini, Taurus, and Scorpio represented here, and I have designs I'm happy with for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius. That just leaves Cancer (who has theming I really like but no visuals to go with it yet) and Sagittarius (likewise).

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