This is Polyopolis - the largest city on Crystal's homeworld. A far-far-future Earth where naturally evolved life has almost entirely gone extinct, replaced with generation after generation of artificial life forms. Crystal (the six-armed Glaceon girl pictured) is one of these. The world operates under very different laws than our own, mostly due to the massive supercomputers buried deep within the earth. They were the most durable of the humans' creations, stably running off geothermal power and controlling a worldwide mesh of nanite dust that the people of the new world have learned to manipulate. Birth, life, and even death have been redefined here, but what even is day-to-day life like? Finding out looks like a job for the Corps.

@dodec I love your worldbuilding, and your art, a lot



Thanks - "Polyopolis" as a name (and a logo) has been following me around for a while, but I think I've finally found a suitable thing to attach it to. Annex got me thinking that I wanted a place that was sort of the opposite of Elseways. Elseways lets high tech and magic and anything else coexist, but keeps the power levels safely under control so people can just live their lives. Polyopolis, meanwhile, only really has one way to do "magic" via absurdly high technology, but the power levels are way way higher and the world a lot more surreal as a result. Elseways is stable and safe; Polyopolis is unstable but free.

@dodec Annex feels like a place we'd like to live.

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