Lillian's log:
Filgaia is one of my favorite worlds to visit. On the surface the place looks like an endless desert, with cowboys and guns and so on, but scratch the surface and you find a whole ton of both ancient technology and spirit-fueled magic, and that's why I'm here. I've stopped in the town of Saint Centour (yes, with an O); this statue is dedicated to a Guardian of holy power, one of the world's protectors. In most other worlds, this would be just another monster.
Nobody here seems to mind that I'm poking around, or that I'm apparently a talking cat. You can get a lot of leeway here out of being a "Drifter", which is the local term for wandering adventurer. Suits me fine. It's time for a dive into some ruins to see what useful ancient tech I can salvage.

@dodec Very glad to see some wild ARMs references here <3


Most of my Fanart February list is video games, and I've always liked the Wild ARMs series. 3 especially, which is just a long wonderful ride through all kinds of strangeness. I love just how much they throw into that world and keep it all mostly coherent.

So when Lillian is looking for ideas that combine things in ways she hadn't thought of, and trying to get some weird ancient effectively-magical technology out of it, she'd turn somewhere like that.

@dodec Yeah, Wild Arms 3 is probably among our favorite video games period, both for the quality of its story and for Michiko Naruke's music.

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