So, remind me, internet. What was the deal with that whole debate I remember there being a while back about if "furry" was an "inherently sexual fandom"? Who was trying to make it out to be one, and how did that end up getting resolved? Because it strikes at something pretty fundamental to me, as an asexual person whose esthetics definitely lean away from human and more toward anthropomorphic other-things.

I never felt like the label fit me cleanly. I don't draw erotica (at least that is recognizable as such) because I'm just not oriented that way, and like 70% of what goes on at a furry con is people buying, selling, creating, and commissioning it. I never fit in there. But I'm not sure where I do.

So ... could I even? Is there space for G-rated Ace Furries?

@dodec I don't know the answers to most of your questions, but I know plenty of people who are furries who aren't interested in the fandom's sexual elements, so you are in good company. (there's, e.g., plenty of non-sexual roleplaying content on the muck Spindizzy that I frequent)

@dodec The furry fandom isn't inherently sexual. We just tend to be sex-positive.

Terran horribleness 

@moonbolt Honestly I think the furry community is one of the most /ace/ positive spaces that exists in the world. Where not everyone assumes that tactile contact or certain varieties of emotional closeness exists only as a prelude to sex.

(As an ace person I tend to be pretty sex positive and libertine because, hey, I don't want to do that, but I'm happy for OTHER people to. I like happiness and delight. Just like any other thing I happen not to be interested in but fully support others getting really into.)


@dodec we should make one. I've been drifting away from the fandom over the last 10 years, because I didn't see a place for me, asexual and agender, in it.

furry and sexuality 

furry and sexuality 

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