OCR Output (chars: 1046) 

Ooh. Thanks - I didn't know OCRBot was a thing. I'll use that in the future.

@dodec np!

There's also OCR stuff built into recent mastodon versions now, if you Edit the image like to add in a caption manually, there should be a link to transcribe the image automatically. but if it's too much text for the char limit, ocrbot is great :D

@dodec Microsoft Word has always been an eldritch nightmare, and I started on it using version 3.0 or so on a Mac Plus.


Yeah. 4.0 for me, then 5.1, and then my family got an LC III and put ClarisWorks on it, which we all liked better.

Do kids today even write essays for homework any more? What do they use?

@dodec Sapkowski wrote his Wiedźmin books (known in anglosphere as "Witcher") using Norton Editor

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