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the Dodecalope

0.8.1 is up, now with delicious sparkly dingbat goodness.

I may do a 0.8.1 release tonight or tomorrow. I had some spare time at work and knocked out most of 27 (the Dingbats block plus some math stuff), so that's worth something.

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And it's up! Version 0.8.0, now with U+1F500 to 1F5FF included (which means the entire Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs block is there, and that means most of the emoji).

Continuing the emoji project I've been away from for a long time, here's U+1f500-1f5ff. Coming to the NPM repo soon.

"but how do I build my brand?"
you do not have to build your brand
you are free

Been a while since I had a dream vivid enough to journal, but that one was.
Was wandering through a neighborhood with two of my friends, looking at apartment buildings. We'd been living together in a small place at the end of a street, but the complex next to ours had just been hit by some extreme ground-to-rooftop vandalism and so we were looking for places to move to. We ended up at "Homes By Disney", which still had all its branding despite there being nothing else Disney-related for miles around.

Portraits of a dodec kid. Playing with expressions some - I think he came out pretty attractive. And yes, that's what color he is. Soft teal and white, like an old iMac.

Better picture of the dodec kid, hanging out in his favorite tree in the park north of Downtown Elseways. With twelve limbs, he's a pretty agile climber.
He's the height of an 11-year-old kid and sometimes passes himself off as one, but his true age is unknown; there aren't enough dodecs around that anyone's really studied how they age. Still, he enjoys typical kid stuff - pizza, ice cream, swimming, video games, hanging out at the library - so maybe he's just found a comfortable way to be.

Let's stick some more legs on that critter, and ... this might actually work pretty well. If he had antlers he'd be a dodecalope. This was scanned from a pretty small sketch (like 3 inches high), which explains the weirdness with line weight and proportions. If any of you know someone who's taking commissions and would do a character of this sort well, I'd like to work with someone to solidify this design.

A young Rinnock knight. They come in all kinds of pelt colorations and have varying head shapes; this particular one is zebra-ish.

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One more of Lynne, this time in a lemur-taur sort of form. I don't really have any ambitious plans for her, but sometimes when I get a character in my head they stick around for a little while. I think it'll be back to my usual projects after this, and I'm eager to get back to them.

Lynne Henshall, estranged daughter of Dr. Neena Henshall, makes a living as an unlicensed chemical bootlegger (and incidentally supplying her mother with most of her raw materials, though the two very much don't get along). Her laboratory, hidden underground, produces mutagenic bioreactants capable of transforming living matter in all sorts of ways; as much as she dislikes the term "green science goo", it's exactly what she's good at, and her ability to customize the formula means she's easily able to make whatever changes people pay her for.

(To the tune of Telstar)
Follow me
Come see what you might see
Where no one knows what we might find
Cast off your sorrow
Meet me tomorrow
Let's go leave the world behind
Aboard the Wandering Mind