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BJ Sutter interviews a potential customer about his needs for a new keyboard design. Even the K303 isn't great with big clumsy hooves.

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I'm taking the bus home, though, because I am tired and running on no solid food so far today (just an energy drink). So I'll grab a sandwich on the home end of the trip.

Got dragon pictures, then ended up walking all the way to the Landing, fulfilling a goal of mine ever since I moved here four years ago: walk from home to Fry's, like I used to back in Fremont. I don't think I would've made it the whole way before I changed my diet and started losing weight. No worrying pain spasms in my leg, either, and I have suspicions about what I was doing wrong that caused those.

@anthracite It's sort of funny timing that just as you're preparing to leave the northwest, another dragon moves in.

Carmina is a Clothling - a living plush toy endowed with a mind and soul all her own. Most Clothlings are a little daft and shallow, but Carmina is uniquely intelligent and also has magical powers over cloth (which is what her wand is for). She can summon it up at will, control or transform it, and even give people entire new outfits with a wave of her wand. Constantly being surrounded by relative idiots, though, has given her a bit of a distrustful and snarky attitude. She doesn't follow instructions or play well with others, even when it would be to her advantage to. She's found a better place to live, anyway, but it's going to take some time before she really fits in.

This is the kind of thing Ringoid Labs manufactures. If you're the kind of person who has a very small number of very large fingers, like this beta-tester harpy here, you'll benefit from a keyboard like the K303, where the 'keys' are actually concave bowls in the keyboard's surface and you type by pressing against the bottom or some edge of a bowl. It's not going to be fast, but it'll work a whole lot better than trying to manipulate a normal-sized keyboard will. The layout shown there isn't close to final, and that's where the harpy comes in - she's been hired on as a temporary beta-tester to help the labs find a layout that's comfortable and efficient. The result: one happy harpy who no longer needs to hunt and peck.

Not feeling very well tonight, but I managed to scrape together enough energy to do some expression sketch things of BJ Sutter.

BJ Sutter, in color. And shirtless, just because. His three pairs of arms are arranged with one pair in the normal place, one below, and one behind/between the first two. That pendant he's wearing is a personal logo - the Ringoid Labs logo always sort of looked like that, and I realized it could be turned sideways into a little monogram of his initials.

๐ŸŒ Worldbuilding notes: demihumans
I call BJ that because he's not, strictly speaking, an "anthro" ringtail. His design moves the other direction - not an animal turned humanoid, but a human with animal features. Head and tail, and a body covered in fur down to the elbows and knees, and that's it (the extra limbs are another matter entirely).
This pattern works pretty well for a lot of species. A fox demihuman with dark skin and red-orange fur gets a nice-looking socks-and-gloves effect, for instance.

Name: Bartholomew Jason "BJ" Sutter. Those are his real initials, and he hates it when people make fun of them.
Species: ringtail-based demihuman
Age: ambiguously late-20s-early-30s-ish
Job: Inventor/entrepreneur. Founded Ringoid Labs with funding from the Cosmos Corps, but he works independently. The company makes assistive and ergonomic technology for people with unusual body shapes (like BJ himself). Apart from BJ himself, Ringoid has about ten employees, so it's still pretty small.
Residence: Elseways, in an L-shaped two-story house near Fresnel University (his alma mater).

I figured I'd draw an old character of mine, the ringtail named BJ. He isn't really around much any more, but for old times sake I thought I'd draw him again. The thing on his chest is the Ringoid Labs logo, for his company that makes ergonomic or specialty electronics and hardware for unusual body shapes. Four-handed keyboards, assistive wheels and pads for serpentine bodies, light-spectrum-altering goggles, that kind of thing.

There's also the base twelve version:
One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven dozen.
Dozen, twenzy, thirzy, forzy, fizzy, sizzy, sevenzy, eighzy, ninezy, tenzy, elevenzy, zundred.
Then go on to zousands, millzions (not "zillions", that would be ambigous), billzions, and so on.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ay bee chee dee ee fee xen.
Xen twexy threxy forxy fixy sixy sevexy eighxy nixy axy baxy chexy dexy exy fexy xundred.

Getting back into my drawing groove. Here's a dancing faun. I have no real plans for her or idea who she is, but she came out looking pretty nice.

The thing about Rand (see previous Rar) is that I realized recently that I've had a mild crush on him ever since I played Breath of Fire 2 years ago. Even now I can look at his sprites and his concept art and go "yeah, there's something there". I guess I've always had a thing for characters who are big but gentle, strong but humble and practical, and this is something I'm starting to explore more artistically. I've always thought of myself as asexual, but there are definitely pieces of me that are oriented different directions, and he's one of them.

Still feeling slightly off, but well enough to draw a thing. Kind of inspired by Rand from Breath of Fire 2 but taking his own direction.

Side note: I did dream last night of a two-headed cat character, but he/she/they were a lot more cartoony than I typically draw and none of my attempts to draw her (let's go with "her" as a pronoun) turned out the way I wanted them to look. Apart from the second head, she looked vaguely like Mae from Night in the Woods - black fur, red-orange T-shirt, shorts.

Feeling slightly off tonight, so no sketch journal. I was a little overexcited about finally getting home from the trip that I overate dinner and gave myself a mild stomachache. I should be fine tomorrow, though, and I've got nothing but free time then, so I should be able to do more.