Elseways is also home to a family of cerberi (kerberoi? not sure how I want to spell it yet). There are more than a few monsters descended from Greek myth there, because Scylla herself - the very same one as in the Odyssey and such - has taken up residence on a nearby island, and she's encouraging her friends to move in nearby.

Rambly notes on chimeras (cw for length) 

Thinking about chimeras some more. That's the term I've settled on - the lowercase c is important, to distinguish them from the original capital-C Chimera from mythology (much like with Pegasus/pegasi). The clan of chimeras that live in Elseways are all descended from the original, but thousands of years of time and travel have mixed the original lion/goat+snake stock with dozens of other species, so you get all kinds of mixes there. Chimeras also have one physical sex (male, female, none) per head, and they don't have to match, so even though the heads on a single body share a single consciousness and name and all, each head can express that very differently.

Just a sketch of a somewhat bulky chimera. I'm still on a bit of a multiple-heads kick and thought I'd try someone a little broader and stockier than I typically draw, so here she is.

Two-headed guitar player, the sort who likes to sit by campfires and tell rambling stories accompanied with music. They live out in Cajilla Canyon, which is a sparsely populated part of Elseways between Ginger Valley and the Near Wild. The train tracks pass through there, but the people have resisted getting a stop put in - they like their privacy there.

Bonus sketch, since I felt like it. Śina in a more actiony pose. She ends up hired by Twick at one point to guard him in the library's more dangerous subterranean stacks. Putting up with him turns out to be just as much of a challenge as any of the monsters she faces down there.

A sketchily-colored rendition of Glitch in a dress (with a glass of some unspecified purple digital drink). She cleans up nice, although her attitude can be a problem when she needs to get along with people. Witty insults and backhanded not-really-compliments suit her better, so really the only way to tell if she's actually having a good time is if she isn't actively (or secretly) complaining about anything, and this can take some familiarity with her ways.

mh (++) 

Had a remarkably good day given the circumstances, and it's gotten me back into my normal drawing mood again. So here's a new character.
Twick Fourfoot is a young aspiring mage, a student at Featherglass who refuses to take anything for granted. He's the voice in the back of the lecture halls constantly shouting "but WHY!?" - it's a little annoying to his classmates, but the teachers like his curious spirit and have rewarded him with special assignments in the library to find out the answers to his many questions.

rambling identity questions (-/?) 

personal (-) 

Just having more fun with this shape. I don't plan on obsessing over it too much, but I just really like how this dodecagryph ends up looking. Maybe a little older here - not sure if I want to keep that - but that's what these sketches are for. His/my anatomy is pretty well fixed in place, at least.
The infinity shirt has some relevance I'll talk about another time.

Long; identity (+) 

Another sketch of the dozen-limbed gryphon kid, inspired by a misadventure at work that forced me to head out on my lunch break to buy new pants (note to self: watch for sharp metal drawer handles when exiting a room). Vid gets new pants, too, and these ones have extra straps and such to let his lower pair of wings through. Those are the ones he actually flies on; the upper pair are just used for air stability and emoting.

Just some design sketches - it would make some sense for Vidrio's new shape to have four wings as well, making him a proper double gryphon (or dodecagryph), so I was figuring out how that would work.

Another of these puzzles. Sometimes a theme just comes together.

Vidrio in color! I'm slowly breaking out of the weird funk I've been in these past few days and getting back to things that inspire me and make me feel - well, like this. Vidrio is Vesta's younger brother, another resident of Elseways, and as far as I have a personal mascot it's him.
The extra arms have been around for a while, but the second pair of legs is new and I can't say I dislike how they look. All four digitigrade has an odd appeal to it, too. He's not a taur, he's just ... that.

Thinking about band positions:
¤ Blit is the lead vocalist and lead instrumentalist, but he enjoys singing in harmony with the others more.
¤ Glitch plays bass. She's very technically proficient and likes to show off when she isn't holding down a perfectly-played backup line.
¤ Patch plays rhythm guitar most of the time, but she's secretly the best player of the three and when she takes a turn soloing, she goes wild.
¤ Ruby is their drummer. She's big, brash, and four-armed, and she comes with her own light show.
¤ Digit plays keyboards - not that the Dataframe-keytars the others play aren't capable of making synthy noises on their own, but Digit's stack of synthesizers and effect boxes make his sound pretty distinctive.

Just a pencil sketch tonight because it's been a long day and I'm tired, but I drew this at work and thought it came out pretty cute. Blit with his own Dataframe-based keytar thing, although his is hexagonal (as a director, he gets a special Dataframe).

I felt like yesterday's drawing of Patch needed a companion featuring her twin sister. I don't know who's holding them captive in some kind of geometric prison (although stating it that way the answer feels obvious). Neither of them are happy about it and they're fighting back with the most positive slogans they can think of. Patch gets defensive about her status as an artificial life form and declares herself outside the normal rules, but Glitch only doubles down on the reasons she's so picky and anxious: she lives to see ideas fulfilled to their proper conclusion. She's aware of how amazing things -could- be and is painfully aware of how far things fall short.

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