Bonus sketch. One of a full set of 8 fan-made Robot Masters I've come up with (complete with weapons and a weakness order). TrackWoman dwells in a forest preserve, and her keen senses (and sensitive radar scanners) let her sense the motions of anyone and anything within. She was supposed to be there to catch poachers, arsonists, and anyone who might do the forest harm, but of course the inevitable reprogramming leads her to hunt down and attack anyone who disturbs her territory.

This started when I got a call from our agent in Evergrown City, the capital of Selva. Helena had been living there for over a year in a customized shape, sending reports back on the locals. One Fixl in particular, a nasty predator named Xibalcabra, had been getting worryingly close to the city, and Evergrown's protector, the metallic Rexaurus, had gone missing. I couldn't go in person without breaking the quarantine, so I had to come up with a plan to send someone or something else in.

Whenever I see "smh" I always imagine someone saying "smuuuuuuh" in a sad manner

Viola Longdawning is one of the Instilled, people who have been permanently fused with maginaria. This transforms their body and grants an innate magical ability at the cost of a permanent headmate that often has different priorities than their waking minds do; they often sleepwalk (or even sleep-cast) as their dreams let their subconscious selves take over.
Viola is a Transpositionist, a mage specializing in travel and teleportation. This takes skill, precision, and a lot of fancy math.

Johan Silverfox sits atop a wall. Yeah, I'm on a Delyria kick again, redrawing some old characters who haven't seen light in a while. The Silverfox family have been the rulers of the mechanical island of Grandegear for generations, passing down both the Chief Engineer title and the surname through adoption. Johan is brilliant but very sheltered, and it takes him a while to figure out how to operate in the outside world. He and Kinto were roommates for a year, which scarred them both a little.

Kinto Rofo of the Tximisti, a lightning-mage whose brazen defiance of his people's traditions led their shamans to keep an eye on him - he'd be a force for powerful change, it just had to be the right kind. It was; he was enough of a shock to the system that he paved the way for the Tximisti to start taking part in the wider world as equals. Kinto himself is proud and tempermental but good at heart and loves to show off, especially when throwing lightning around is exactly what someone needs him to do.

Just a note while I'm thinking of it — my daily sketches have moved over to my other account @bj; if you'd like to keep seeing them, feel free to give me a follow over there.

A new picture of Ceranura ("Cera" for short). She's a few years older now; she was 15 in her older pictures, so figure on her being 19-ish here. She's gone from a trainee exorcist to taking on jobs herself, anywhere evil spirits or mischevious ghosts are causing trouble. Cera's mastered the ability to swap between "Split" mode, where her heads think independently and each controls two hands, to "Focus" mode where she is a single three-headed six-armed being. They're both useful at times.

cw: off mood, mh (low but ➚) 

Going to be a bit late on tonight's sketch, but it'll go up. I ended up having a busier day than I expected to (in a good way; I needed some time out).

Jama, AKA Kitsune of Mythos, is much more technologically apt than she looks. She's a specialist in signal-jamming and interference, able to knock out navigation beacons, surveillance systems, and anything else that might get in the way of Mythos' heists. Her fur has a silvery sheen; when she wraps herself in her tails, she looks like a ball of video static.
Delta there is out to bring Mythos to justice. I haven't decided yet what "CHANGE" stands for, I just thought it was a cute acronym.

Someone at the Corps has been forwarding this article around as "research material" and while I've never seen anyone vertebrate with this shape, I figure it's only a matter of time. gizmodo.com/this-worm-has-100-

Hypothetical title card for another short story. Lillian ends up roped into a bit of diplomatic work in the Empire of Logic, accompanied by the smarmy theme-park entrepreneur himself, Rufus Hydebound. He's got some unfinished business with the Empire himself that's convinced him to suit up more formally and join in, but how he convinced Lillian to get into an Alice dress is anyone's guess.

I managed to relax enough to draw something after all - it's over here, which I think I might adopt as my more regular sketch journal.


(pasting the URL here because this server is slow to pick up on toots I make over there)

Probably no sketch tonight - it was a long -long- day at work and my brain is in need of some time doing nothing much. I might get around to one later, but I can't guarantee that.

Bonus sketch: an evolutionary pair of fakemons. Not all birds fly. Some of them have gemstone beaks they use to peck pebbles apart and some of them have diamond-tipped legs that are powerful enough to kick boulders in half.

Oh, that is weird. The posts I made on xeno.chat after uploading a picture there have already arrived here, but the one with the picture didn't.

A bit of Delyria worldbuilding, while it's on my mind (and while I'm on a lunch break). There are seven main continents, and each one has a specific body type associated with it. Centuries of migration and cultural shift have made the boundaries blurrier, but the basics are:
Zem - reptilians, including dinosauroids and birdfolk like Iris
Ertset - hoofed mammals, usually centauroid
Ambaron - feline, often with multiple heads or arms (Meracchians are half this and half Ertsetan)
Levendish - caniforms, including bears, mustelids, procyonids, etc
Aulia - winged humanoids like the main-archipelago Aulians and the Tenjonese
Aezo - rodents, primates, and lapines (which fit better together as a group than you might expect)
Jadea - arthropod-ish, except with endoskeletons

Bonus sketch because I felt like it. Vesta meditating over a bowl of flames - appropriate to her namesake, and something she appreciates the symbolism of (being both flame-colored herself and fond of cozy warm places).

Another short break from the ongoing Polyopolis story just because I wanted to get Blit's design down a little better. Why, for instance, he looks like he has gigantic forearms and hands sometimes (it's just his armor). Blit, deep down, really wants to be a performer, but he's a completely lousy actor; as a very logical and fact-based Bitkin, he struggles with saying things he knows aren't true. Give him a tacky suit and a bow tie, though, and he'll merrily play game show host.

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