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the Dodecalope

It's a game! It's a silly trivial thing I wrote to learn PICO-8 with, but it's playable and you can make Patch go yay.

Let's mess with Pico-8 some. I think I might actually try something with this; here's just a screenshot of me messing around in the sprite editor. Teensy little character sprites!

More dragon!

I wanted to try pushing expressions farther, and I think I'm getting better at it.

They may look like a military group on the surface, especially when they show up in uniform and start running around being organized, but the Cosmos Corps are first and foremost a humanitarian aid organization (for a sufficiently broad meaning of "humanitarian"). They provide disaster relief after near-world-ending events, clean up worlds left in uninhabitable states, and will step in to defend the defenseless when they're facing a threat orders of magnitude out of scale from what they're used to. They're actually a lot more informal than they look, but they're united in being devoted to their cause, and it takes some serious logistics and planning to pull off the missions they handle. Sometimes rules are a good idea.

(salutes with thumb and fingers forming a C shape around one eye)

I kind of hope that gesture isn't offensive or used anywhere, because it makes a great Cosmos Corps salute. It's both a callback to the C of their name and logo, and it's miming a telescope, which fits them really well.

For Cooperation and Cohesion
For Calculation and Construction
For Cures and Curiosity
For Care and Capability
For Cleverness and Clarity
For Credibility and Creativity
For Courage in the face of Chaos
We are the Cosmos Corps.

Some redesigned logos for the Cosmos Corps divisions. I wanted them all to be distinctive from one another as well as easy to simplify. Lillian, meanwhile, models the Comet logo on the back of her new sweater.

What are animals like in Delyria, if the people all resemble humanoid creatures of myth and legend? Well - take the same traits and just apply them. With a little artistic license.

Jonnathan the chimera kid, now with more detail. The tail is staying.

Quick lunchtime sketch of the chimera kid again. His name is Jonnathan. Ignore the extra h I spelled it with on the page; it looks better without it. The weird spelling is deliberate; even as a single-consciousness chimera, having a joined-together name is part of his heritage. Not 100% sure about the snake tail, but it's pretty cute. I'll draw him more later when I have a better scanner.

On reflection, "partway between deer and goat" is basically an antelope, isn't it? A gazelle or such.

Chimera kid needs a name. I want to do more with him. Or them. They might prefer a plural pronoun, even though they're still a single consciousness. I dunno yet. It bears some thinking about. One thing I do know is that his right head (our left) is more deer than goat, despite the horns, and the other one is not entirely feline. I'll sleep on this.

I haven't drawn Zanahn for a while. I figured I'd bring him back for a street scene here with a chimera kid in overalls (a very practical choice for his body shape). I'm starting to hone my esthetic some; I never really felt before like I knew what my character design style was, at least in enough detail to be able to say "yes, this is how this design should look". Definitely more human than the standard anthro-animal type, and that isn't such a bad thing. It's the balance that appeals to me.

Okay, yes. Make the sides snap up using both sides of the snaps, and give the sleeves matching sets so they can be attached anywhere.

There must be some way to modify that so you can snap the unused parts of the shirt's side together.

Something like a shirt or vest, but with completely open sides, studded with the convex halves of snaps. Sleeves with the concave halves at one end. Use as few or as many as you need.

Dreamt last night that I was out in a small town in the foothills of a large mountain range, attending some kind of farmers-market-street-fair thing. I remember I'd taken a bus to get there. Among the stalls was one selling very fancy-looking leather-bound books full of neat calligraphy and pen-and-ink illustrations; they seemed to just be journals.

Meanwhile, here's a sketch of Cedar's parents, Kedrick and Harissa. They own a farm in the Rinnock lowlands where her father grows vegetables and her mother keeps a garden of carefully-cultivated experimental herbs. Harissa is a meticulous researcher of both flavor and magical potential, and her minor but significant breakthroughs have given the Rivertrail farm a good reputation with herbalists and adventurers around the world. This is what led to Cedar begging for Guild training and eventually leaving home, even though her father still wishes she'd come back and learn to care for the place she'll inherit when they pass on.