And now back to sleep. "The Muppets meet the Moomins" is still something I kinda want to see.

💤 cw: length, dream ramble 

Dreamt I was part of a team running around this castle doing escape-room-style puzzles. The whole event had a kind of medieval theme going on, so we were dressed accordingly. We came to a grid of lit-up buttons with letters on them; it was an anagram puzzle where you had to press the letters in the right order to spell something. What I got out of it was "DUTIES ARE NOT YOUR PERSONAL FILE", and while that opened something up to the side, the puzzle didn't mark as solved because of course the real solution had "LIFE" instead of "FILE" and I noticed a moment too late.

For years, I've had an unhelpful inner voice trying to convince me that my imagination is a liability. I'm sick of listening to it. It's trying to protect me from being outed as a "weirdo", and it's not as if that's an attitude that comes out of nowhere, but if I'm going to make any progress in life I need to learn that it's not such a bad thing to be.

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I hardly ever draw fan art, but this seemed like an inevitable combination.

"I'm currently standing in the hangar bay of the UAC power plant complex, located on Phobos. Normally this is a facility buzzing with life, delivering 666 GigaWatts of energy to science facilities all across this moon. But right now, things may have gotten a bit out of hand..."

💤, cw: length 

💤 cw: length 

f(x,y) = ((((~y) + (y % x)) & ((~x) & (y % x))) % (((y & y) % (x * y)) % ((x / 5) & (y * y)))) % 7

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

💤, cw: length 

Twelve heads, twenty-four arms, twelve legs, twelve tails. Not exactly a full times-twelve across the board, but close enough, and you can imagine what a mess his insides must be. And this whole mass has a single mind controlling all of it, getting an order of magnitude more sensory information than normal, which took a lifetime to adjust to. But it's a sensation he wouldn't change for anything. Learning to handle the overload has been well worth it for a body that capable.

I'll attempt drawing this later, but I'm still thinking about the dream last night that started out fairly normal — driving around, suddenly in a department store getting a paper towel holder and looking at new TVs — and then suddenly there was this kid. He was an anthro of some description - possibly a ringtail, at least the way I draw them, but definitely a mammal of the pointy-ears-and-button-nose variety. Also multiheaded and multiarmed in a more extreme way than I tend to draw - upwards of a dozen heads, too many arms to count in a glance, and I didn't see the rest of his body. Some part of my subconscious is clearly going "hey, stop messing around and get back to this - you know you enjoy it".

💤, cw for length 

💤; cw for length 

"I expected someone..."
"Yes," the knight said, looking down at the dragon.
"Dragons grow in proportion to their hoard."
"I heard your hoard was huge, thousands and thousands of books."
"It is."
"I went digital," the dragon said, showing the SD card they lay on.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

A cyborg jackalope is like a cyborg deer who got so stressed out by the sensory overload that he burrowed underground and became lapine.

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