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the Dodecalope

๐ŸŽจ ๐Ÿš ๐ŸŒ€
Two more bitkin this time - Gyre and Gimble. Gyre's territory is the Blue Summit, where he zips around adjusting fans and making all the System's weather happen, while Gimble's territory is Sprocket Mine, which she's built up into a pastel-colored amusement park of roller-coaster cars and Ferris wheels carrying loads of ore. Gimble loves bright colors, machinery, and brightly colored machinery. She also thinks Gyre is the most adorable thing ever, even if he's too much of a spacey airhead to notice.

And sometimes I just feel like drawing a fox in a dress. This is after a few days of feeling down in the dumps and not up to drawing anything, and that just happens sometimes.

Piper Bitkin is built around a pump; his tail is the intake, his chest expands to hold quite a lot more water than it looks like it should be able to, and his beak (which he usually wears a cap over) is the nozzle he can spray high-pressure jets out of. His territory, Aquatic Park, is full of elegant statuary and fountains, and he has a personality like a butler โ€” polite, fussy, something of a neat freak. The park is a place other Bitkin come to relax and socialize, and Piper is an excellent host, even if it's not the job he's supposed to be doing; Piper is in charge of the System's plumbing, and often leaks will go unfixed for days because Piper's too distracted by his love of making others comfortable.

Playing with some designs for Patch and Glitch. I feel like Glitch should have an eye thingie, and I was playing with making it a big triangle over her face, but I can't quite get over it looking like she's got a pair of underwear over her head.

so today they are coming in to patch the giant hole in the ceiling where the plumber had to open it up

which means that i should *probably* change my computer's backdrop to something beside 'endless rotation of my FA favorites'

so I set it to a folder of desert photos

and then the [tiny desktop kitty]( was suddenly ABSOLUTELY HUGE

Ruby Bitkin, with her tail-mounted laser cannon (which doubles as a scanner to let her read data from a distance). She's big, she's tough, she's rowdy, and she's the guard of the access ring between most of the world and the Inner System, where is kept all the important low-level stuff that tells the System how it works. She's Blitz's neighbor, and the two of them are good friends, even if she plays a bit rough even by his standards.
Ruby is one of the few Bitkin I have a clear voice in mind for; she sounds like Paula Poundstone.

Some people are just well-suited to helping their friends move.

Sometimes you just need to draw someone multilimbed with bunnies. Vesta sporting a second pair of legs in addition to her usual six arms, and a trio of bunnies (one real, two plush) fitting neatly into the resulting three laps. Sketchy but I still think it's charming.

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Drawing with this wrist brace on takes a little getting used to, but I'm back in action. Have a disco dragon.

Quick update: carpal tunnel sucks and tends to steal all of my spoons when it flares up, but I went to a clinic yesterday and now have a new wrist brace and meds, so we'll see if I can't find some energy to actually draw stuff tonight.

What is it that makes a fictional species "pop"? Why are chakats and yinglets and sergals as widely-known as they are?

Illustration of a sad scene from the Delyria story. Iris has learned some disturbing things about her family, and needs some time alone. She'll be fine with some help from her friends and a reminder that she's doing the right thing, but that doesn't make the bad news any easier to take. (Also, don't take this as a sign that I myself am feeling sad; I'm fine, but sometimes stories need to go sad places)

๐ŸŽจ ๐ŸฆŠ
I've always preferred this style for adding extra legs to characters; she's not a foxtaur, she just has four hind legs on two pairs of hips.

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๐ŸŽจ Daily sketch: another anthro arthropod
He's not based on any single insect species, but blends traits from a few I really like - I mean, if he's part human, there's no reason he can't also draw from several different bugs at once. There's definitely some dragonfly in there, maybe some moth in the antennae, that looks like an ant or bee-style head - I think he'd be fine with just "generic dapper insect" if you remembered to note his stylish hat and cane.

Finally slept well enough to have an interesting and memorable dream, although as usual for these it was oddly prosaic. I dreamt I was on my way home from "work" (not my RL job but some unspecified other thing). Instead of my normal route home, though, I ended up on a bus that only took me partway, stopping off at a small transit center near a theme park. None of the routes there led home either, either by bus or rail, and it was all weirdly expensive anyway.

๐ŸŽจ ๐Ÿฆ
Her name is Karen. She likes to hang out on the beach, although she needs the head-wrap to keep herself and her gills moist. I was challenged (by a random character generator) to draw an anthro shrimp, so here she is.

Already taking a day off from the daily sketches, but today I felt pretty dead after getting home from work (because I got next to no sleep last night). I do have some nice mockups, though, for more of the Delyria engine, and my next code project will be a simple equipment screen. Swap things around on a character, watch stats change. Not even really a game per se, but an important part of one.

๐ŸŽจ Daily sketch: Bitkin event staff
The City of Elseways hosts a giant dome-shaped stadium and entertainment complex called the Nexus Center, full of high technology and holograms, and of course they employ hundreds of Bitkin to serve as staff there. It's exactly what Bitkin do anyway, and now they're part of an official city function, serving as stage crew and ushers. When the stadium needs to mock up an entire custom arena for a match, they're the ones sculpting and projecting it and running the hovering sign boards. The entire Nexus Center works like a video game, and the Bitkin - in Elseways as well as where they came from - are the processes that make it all work behind the scenes.