Felt like drawing Qida again. The Orb Dancer (formerly Kinesthete) role suits her pretty well - in Delyria, the most important thing that determines how good someone is at magic isn't anything innate or academic, but how powerful their emotions are and how well they can focus that power. Qida may have grown up on in the slums, mostly illiterate and having to fend for herself, but once she learns how to trust people better and sees what prizes the greater world outside holds, she can't wait to put her full potential to the test. Qida's passion and drive to succeed carry her a long way.

I've come up with a possibly silly but workable idea to make the Delyria game tractable. I'll toy with it later to see if it works as well as I think it will.

Mosaic in color. I'm still liking this shape as something to envision being. I've always thought I needed a "personal dragon" and Moze here is a pretty good candidate for one.

Just messing with character sets again. Let's take the standard ASCII/ISO Latin-1/Windows-1252 set, strip out all the accented characters (we'll assume the hardware can just stack characters on top of each other as needed), and then fill the space with a bunch of PETSCII and Code Page 437 and other stuff.

I dunno, I think it's endearing somehow. I'd use this in a roguelike or a Teletext system or a text-based menu GUI thing.

Two sizes - real pixels, and then Γ—4.

Moze with two heads. I'm really liking the mental feel of this shape - the sensation of reaching up to rub two separate necks, smell and taste in two places at once, see through four eyes - it just seems right. For now, anyway.

Another bit of lore about the gryphons. Not symboilic of anything, just an idea that I had about how they work. The Febra I introduced you to here is actually the second one I designed; the first one retired. Old Febra was purple, dressed a little more conservatively but with a lot more makeup, and loved to tell raunchy jokes at inappropriate times.

The gryphons' names are actually titles, passed down to a promising apprentice when they feel it's time to step aside. The new Febra's former name was Valentine (an appropriate name), but now that she runs the museum herself, she takes the name.

Old Febra is still alive, but now she's just another feisty old woman living her remaining years out in comfort in Elseways someplace.

So by now the patterns with the Lamppost Island gryphons should be apparent. They're all named for months, themed around planets (both in visual theme and rough symbolism), and all have a museum or library devoted to some area of knowledge. They're a little like muses that way. And, of course, there are thirteen of them.

I'll leave you to ponder who and what that last one is (and I won't confirm or deny any speculation until I actually draw them; this whole set is something I came up with a long time ago, so you're not going to spoil my ideas by coming up with your own guesses).

Desdemona of Lamppost Island keeps a vast library, all fiction. While she maintains collections of movies, comics, novels, and other kinds of media, her true love is theater, and the multiple floors devoted to plays from all sorts of times, places, and worlds bear this out. Desdemona's library is centered around a stage where she directs regular performances of whatever story she thinks strikes the proper mood. The other gryphons often join in - Febra providing music, Jun handling special effects - but the actors are always drawn from the citizens at large, and often the fact that they had any acting talent at all comes as a surprise to the actors as much as the audience. It's all part of the magic of her masks.

Moze engaging in a bit of multitasking. They're still young and can't keep shapes like this up for long, just because it's just hard to keep everything coordinated. When it works, though, it works well.

Working on a more consistent version of Moze. I'm starting to like the idea that they stay draconic at all times. That's the nice thing about being a dragon - you get to define yourself and the rules you live by.

Another of the Lamppost Island gryphons. Febra here is bright pink and loves loud colors and patterns, but that's only fitting - she's the island's resident art expert and tastemaker. She loves creativity in all its forms, and her museum is a joyful place full of constant music (and she's just as likely to put on disco or techno as something classical or folkishly mellow), delicious food prepared by the island's best chefs, and whatever her favorite art of the moment is. She's not much of an artist herself, but she's very sensitive and has a superhuman attention to detail, and so she makes an excellent curator.

Moze (short for "Mosaic") is the same person who showed up here a few days ago - you can tell them by their coloration, which is always white with a smattering of darker-colored squares on their limbs (which is where the name comes from). Moze is a shapeshifter, newly awakened to their abilities and trying to figure out how to make them do what they want. This dragon shape is their current favorite, although they're still working out the details (like how many heads or limbs they prefer to have).

Random wolf-taur-ish thing. No one in particular, just what I felt like drawing.

I don't have a name for him yet, but I'm also not sure what species he is. His fur is snow-white with square spots of black, he has a vague mix of feline and mustelid features, and he lives somewhere in Elseways, at least. That much I can be sure of.
Where this design came from, though, is a little special. I don't usually dream of being anything in particular, but last night I did, and I was more or less this. It was hard to say for sure because all I really looked at was my own arm and then I reached up to feel my ears. There were no mirrors nearby, but I was on a sidewalk near some office buildings. That's all the dream was, so I had to fill in the rest.

Ray Lopez is Jaq Lopez's con, and his unusual "checkerboard" coloration makes him easy to spot in a crowd (which is why I drew him wearing nothing but shorts here; I wanted to show off his fur). His name is a pretty common-sounding one, but most citizens know him better as his stage name of "Cheq". He makes a living as a singer, recording albums, performing at Marco's club, and starring in a few music videos that've become popular on Elseways television. Cheq has a suit he performs in that has a similarly split black-and-white appearance, and he enjoys the attention it brings him.

@elseways is up and running, although the custom emoji aren't in yet, so nobody is talking except for the disembodied narrator. I'm hoping this all works right.

Athletically built Marcel is Lamppost Island's master of all things related to fitness and physicality. Octava is who takes care of you when things go wrong, but Marcel is there with his mastery of both sports and martial arts to help you get strong in the first place. His own body is nearly indestructible, so feel free to go all-out at him if he's asking.
in another time and place he might've been the sort of heroic warrior to save a kingdom or a whole world from the forces of evil. Here in Elseways, he's just a respected coach and trainer, but if the city is ever threatened, he'd readily pick up his spear and stand on the front lines.

With her fur-and-feather-free skin, weird skeletal wings, and witchlike appearance, it would be easy to mistake Octava for some kind of malevolent spellweaver. Far from it, though; Octava is Lamppost Island's chief doctor and an expert in all things medical. Her skin naturally secretes disinfectants that keep her clean and germ-free no matter what happens, and her knowledge of anatomy and surgical techniques is second to none in the entire Elseways area. She refrains from using any magic or ultra-tech in her work, just anesthetic, surgical steel, and many years of expertise.

Jun Midori is one of the twelve gryphons who oversee Lamppost Island and its various museums/shrines to different kinds of knowledge and culture. Jun's museum is all about science, with a heavy focus on physics, astronomy, chemistry, and mathematics. He's a shameless nerd and passionate about his museum, but all of the caretaker gryphons have that in common.

As Jun's name suggests, he's a bright green in color.

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