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the Dodecalope

Cerberus/werewolf design. I have some vague thoughts about who this is and why he is that, but for now this is just him.

Six-armed gryphony thing. Not 100% what the significance of that belt is, but it’s distinctive and it matches the one the lion used to wear. That expression and pose definitely says “I like to be in control”, though.

Who was the lion, long ago? What did he do that he no longer remembers? What did Væri save him from when she brought him over to her cause?

He may have done things he would regret now, if she hadn’t sealed parts of his memory off.

Bird (normal-sized) riding bird (humanoid) riding bird (horse-sized). Bird stack!

Another competitor in the same games Marqué is at. Roxelle of L’esquine is a trained Adventurer who’s trying her hand at one-on-one combat in sport form. People move and think very differently from the monsters she’s used to fighting, but her speed and accuracy with a blade are impressive.

Playing with some logo design.

Two-headed Ampharos, just because. Ampharos has always been my favorite, so of course I had to do one like this.

In my mind they look something like a hydra crossed with a starfish based around a geometric core. A dodecahedragon literally has twelve faces, its necks coming from each pentagon around a dodecahedral center, and no other limbs.

Also, consider polyhedragons.

And I know I said I'd be posting from more, but I don't feel like that place is quite set up the way I want it yet.

The Zigazgoontaur went over well enough that I'm starting to think that form of mutant fan art could be an interesting thing to keep doing. I'm traveling, so my schedule is going to be weird for the next week, but this seems like a good thing to try.

Tonight's actual sketch, Marqué from the dream I had last night. I've filled his backstory in a little more, enough to give him a team affiliation (the Ceres Polyhedron, home to thousands of independent artificial life forms). His sister, Zara, is the same shape as he is and works as a professional bodyguard. The six-armed zebra look is pretty attractive, if you ask me, and they make natural athletes.

Warm-up sketch inspired by an idea @Felthry had. Zigzagoontaur!

The zebra's name is Marqué (pronounced mar-KAY).

Had a dream last night vivid enough to remember and interesting enough to describe here. Possibly influenced by having marathoned a bunch of MarbleLympics videos last night, I dreamt I was playing/watching a sports video game involving an Olympics-like set of events.
One competitor stood out, though, because he:
• was a humanoid zebra
• had six arms
• wore a purple uniform with a pattern of glitchy-looking pixelated rectangles
I'm definitely going to draw him later.

Trevi, chilling out with their shovel on the top of a nice hillside. They (I've decided that's the best pronoun to use for Trevi) are a farmer by profession, tending to a little plot of land all their own and not raising much of a fuss about anything.
I don't have any real plans for Trevi, but this design is one that speaks to me, so I might use them somewhere.

A character idea came to me this morning as I was waking up — not quite in a dream, but close enough. A simple design: a humanoid cat, gray-furred, with four arms. Baggy pants and short-sleeved shirt, both off-white in color, and a vest and wide belt. Entirely genderless, and willing to take any pronoun without complaining. His name is Trevi, like the fountain. I'll try drawing him if I get some spare time/energy.