elements dammit internet, if you say you're showing us a map, *show us a map*, not an infinite-scroll linear article with no beginning, end, or ability to scroll back *up*

now that we've unplugged the last fan in any of our computers that made actual noise it's eerily quiet in here. that fan wasn't loud as such, but ... persistent. all that's left now is the murmur in the heating pipes, and the damage in our ears

guess today is the "sawing off parts of pcie cards" kind of day

wow, this black forest cake is something like 80% whipped cream

our world is turning on an axis about which it should, by all accounts, not be, and we are very unhappy with that fact

blergh. always around the full moon dates. >,<

just plural things: forgoing personal pronouns whenever they can be inferred (or even when they can't, just in case)

don't be in a linux channel if your user handle is, perhaps, root. or something similar. the constants notifications get old very quickly, we'd imagine

"talk to your family, or childhood friends" -- well, /that's/ an exceedingly short list

being dragons has it's perks. impaling ourselves with clumsy morning claws is not among them

we dreamed of inventing a board game with a *very* explicit math theme. the rules turned out to be something akin to "competitively solve this random instance of an NP-complete problem", and it was exhausting to play.

then we woke up, and we're still about as tired as when we went to bed

tried and failed to put graphics into pinebook pro uboot, and thus calling the whole thing done except for the inevitable bugfixes. but at we have a use for that spi chip in there now :3

being called a hive mind as an endearing insult is also something we haven't experienced before

got uboot to run from SPI flash for the pinebook pro now.

that was another adventure we weren't quite ready for but went on anyway, i guess

succes! we got that initrd to work after all. turns out that systemd does not like being booted without udev in initrd, but it can be convinced to behave itself. which is in itself a bit of a surprise ...

hurrah! we managed to build a minimal initrd with just a single /init binary, that does cryptsetup and lvm, in only 2.7M (instead of the 30ish dracut builds).

sadly it stops working if more than one LVM LV is present in fstab 😅

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