time is a lie we tell ourselves to have something to not look forward to

(unless CPT is violated)

when it's too bright outside for us to see properly and we don't have sunglasses (which happens a lot, sadly) we tend to walk on snapshots: keep eyes closed and blink them open every few seconds to update the snapshot of the world we navigate by. (apparently we can walk remarkably straight for "not seeing" where we're going)

does anyone else do this?

fun fact: the misskey web frontend won't work in private windows. it just displays a blank page with no indication of what (if anything) went wrong.

(looking into the debugger it seems like it just refuses to work when it can't persist data to the user's disk.)

graaahh can this index claw finally grow back already, there's really something important missing :(

what in the elements' name is *on* with firefox that it'll sometimes just forget how menus work and immediately close them the moment after they're opened, sometimes not even rendering them to begin with?!

now i wonder when a being counts as "multi". dragon wings are technically hands after all (or at least some of them are) :dragn_think:

now we're angry about computers again

*growls at the entire industry*

please send me pictures of dragons doing the loaf thing

it's 27°C outside, with a little bit of wind, not too humid and not too sunny.

this is perfect :dragn_melt: if only every day could be like this.

food mentions 

"please do not try this at home--for the sake of all of physics"

for all we care it's not something anyone could Scientifically Measure, or give rules on what makes a dragon and what doesn't. it's just a way of being. an argument could be made that it's spiritual in nature, but that's for every single dragon to decide, not to debate on general principles. in a way it all just ... is. or isn't.

in the same way people can just Be Girls or Be Boys without there being anything deeper to question. it just is, or isn't.

we just finished cardinal chains from the itch bundle.

we're free! finally!

these five-finger shoes we have a pretty much just paw pads. squee!

on a lighter note: we really like the idea of "chirping" instead of the rumbling mammalian species use for communication, and i think it makes a lot of sense for some dragons to communicate by song! snoots with inflexible lips aren't that different from beaks, after all.


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