when you pass an ancient tree creature to a call/cc function, that's a cont-ent

reflinks are a great filesystem feature, but they're also great for forgetting where else that data was linked at and then wondering where deleting a thing doesn't free up any space

is it just me or does :dragnflushedpeek: give off intense perv energy

once again we are awestruck by just how many problems in computers could be solved by outlawing C

don't tell us a number is "incomprehensibly huge" if it is expressable in ZFC :dragnmlem:

the feeling of quiet contentment about getting your teeth checked by a non-binary professional: transzendental

TWL that people are speculating on, and have built a stock-like exchange market for


what the FUCK

TWL about rfc 2728 (The Transmission of IP Over the Vertical Blanking Interval of a Television Signal)

i'm rapidly turning into a nixos fanderg and i don't like that

i'm continually impressed by just how *usable* this computer remains while clocked down to 1200MHz, as opposed to the pinebook that's nearly twice as fast and is an absolute pain the tail

the one good thing about premium domains existing and being fiendishly expensive just because they spell out words is that s.exchange isn't held by some TERF

it might be time to sunset a domain we've had for *checks notes* thirtheen years and never did the thing we got it for

(and thank elements we didn't)

hmmmmm the mlemming dragons we know do not all mlem in the same direction



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