informal poll 

what do you call a popular mastodon account asking followers to solve equations?

clout computing

ack! it's already an hour later than yesterday around the same time!

does anyone else always carefully scoop up their plushies rather than just grabbing them a paw/ear/whatever else is close, or is that just me?

setting up some of our recording gear for teleconferencing was worth it. no endless fiddling with headsets that don't fit right, just rotate a microphone in view. :D

even better when someone asks the next day what you made for dinner, and you can honestly reply "mistakes"

it's nice every time you make food and agree to never make that particular thing again

need to borrow your robot friend's vocal amplifier for your musical performance? plug a synth into your synth!

just, huge thanks to everyone putting CWs on their posts. 💜 💚

covid, food shitpost 

abuse ment 

wow. you can get some /really/ resonant sounds out of an ikea salad bowl and a kitchen scraper

just cryptid things: that moment of indecision when some asks "what are you, some kind of monster?", whether to answer "no!" or "well, /technically/ ..."

current mood: wanting to create an archive of sounds everyone experience, but rarely pays attention to. the decaying ring of glasses softly struck, the electric hum of a toaster heating from cold, the solid thump of a toe striking a heavy chest.

to be called: the foley of man

in every discworld reader's life there is a point we might call Peak Pratchett. in this essay we will ...

wow, we've forgotten almost everything about kerberos since we set it up for this nfs system :(

why can't upgrading an internet connection just /work/ and not be major pain in the tail that takes hours of debugging to resolve /and still not work as well as it did before the upgrade/

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