what's the flicker fusion threashold of winged dragons

is it just me or is toki pona just brainfuck but for talking

if you change your fursona from a canid to something else, does that make you a postdog?

they're sticklers. they're stubborn. they'll solve any crime, whether it wants to or not. the problem? they're a slime and a sheep.

coming this summer: goo cop, baa cop

... so we clicked the verify link because it *did* lead to a kickstarter url and kickstarter *did* have a "resend verification email" button when logged in, so it wasn't a forgery

and now we got another one

what the hell

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got an email from kickstarter asking to verify our email address that *looks* legit by all tests we've done

did they lose their customer database and not tell anyone or something

when we see the word "vornado", "desk fan" is not the first thing i think about

finally installed krita again but apparently we have to restart X so the wacom drivers get loaded and urgh don't want to

every time we;re into physics again and see a "please boost" post of some sort i think of lorentz boosts and that's totally not what anyone ever means


if kobolds like shiny rocks. and take care of lots of them for someone else. does that mean jewelers are kobolds? :dragnthink:

when you pass an ancient tree creature to a call/cc function, that's a cont-ent

reflinks are a great filesystem feature, but they're also great for forgetting where else that data was linked at and then wondering where deleting a thing doesn't free up any space

is it just me or does :dragnflushedpeek: give off intense perv energy

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