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fun fact: it's also called /digitus medicinals/ or medicinal finger, for reasons i cannot uncover at this point

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i don't think it will ever cease to amaze me how merely having a word for A Problem can turn it into just A Thing that is how it is, and likewise turn A Thing into A Problem that must be dealt with

my hoster has /somehow/ messed up their VNC thingy, which makes it near impossible to reboot a machine with disk encryption now. not entirely impossible, but certainly enough of a hassle to not attempt again until they've sorted that out

*growls at technology in general*

okay, so polycules don't seem to be happening in this game

okay. so, nice as a story may be, i don't think visual novels are for me. there's so much dialogue that looks identical to me in at least two options, but one will make the person you're talking to hate you and the other will not. for two options of the same selection that i absolutely cannot distinguish in intent. that's frustrating, a bit

this game is patently ridiculous. i love it, so far.

so. many. numbers. they're handing them out like candy!


work: done.
week: end.
angel wings: scaly.

bird taurs are quite the concept. a bit fascinating, a bit unsettling, totally not prone to tipping over when tired :>

oof. so tired. really just want to stretch out somewhere nice and have my feathers ruffled until i fall asleep

one more day, then i'll have three weeks off. which is both great and terrible, because three weeks no work stress (great!) but i'll probably be inundated with stuff after that (less great!).

also, last time i had more than a week it wasn't exactly by choice. or the least bit pleasant ...

i got a wyrm in the mail! it's a bit slack though.

anything that can't be done today can also be procrastinated tomorrow.

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i am the kind of person who will go back to the sock drawer when they grabbed two different socks, not because they look different, but because they feel different and that's not acceptable

duct tape is like chocolate in cookie dough. if it's not working, you're not using enough