bagged vegetables are nearly impervious to clawed attacks, while almost all chocolate and cookie packaging is not.

clearly the universe is trying to tell us something here

template haskell sure is a ride to write 😶

it'd be really tempting to use x=🐻:🐻:x instead of "bears repeating" in writing if that weren't a type error

i honestly love how subtly wrong weather forecasts are all the time. nothing is perfect, not even our ability to answer questions as benign as "will it rain here in the next three hours".

jemalloc seems to have a concept of Goodness. or there is a much more mundane reason why every amazon tab we open crashes after a few seconds.

"it seems that accessing a memory address [...] can cause the processor to lock up. This behavior is considered undesirable by many."

i just love the dryness of LWN writing sometimes.

(and of course it's intel)

so neutron stars are conjectured to contain Nuclear Pasta, which is a set of exotic forms of matter. they're called the gnocchi phase, spaghetti phase, bucatini phase, and the likes.

the lesson being "don't do physics when hungry", i guess. because your hungry names for things might stick to the field like pasta to the wall.

local dragon reports, "sharp claws are so much better than dull claws"

slow mode is nice. no more emulating what it does by scrolling just below the viewport top! :3

... aaaand the matrix server is fixed again. apparently the db upgrade script was buggy and mangled some json into byte strings, which it dutifully hex-encoded before storing them into the database. the json reader on the other was, understandably, unhappy about that.

at least postgres makes fixing that kind of thing easy.

hooray! upgraded the matrix server to use postres instead of sqlite, after only about a year of wanting to do it but never having had a reason to because it worked well enough.

now room message history doesn't work on some rooms anymore, but w/e

the "did you mean Ansible^Wcdist" i invented here is really taking shape, to the point where building (from source) a rootfs for an alpine server that'll run synapse is something like 40 lines of manifest.

now i only have to also use it instead of just hacking on it ...

the absolute fastest way of making yourself cold is being sure that you have enough blankets :<

does AFAF have a designated meaning? asking for a friend

websites that do not move their viewport when scrolling, but rotate a screen-filling picture instead, should be summarily set on fire

we have too many fingers for these gloves. which is very surpising, but also very not

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