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dhivael @dhivael@dragon.style

sometimes, after possibly weeks of every night being the opposite of restful, i'd just like a warm bed with cuddles and pets and just general distraction from everything. tomorrow will come much too soon anyway.

@anthracite seems that posts with images have stopped federating over here again, and image uploads give 500 errors even for the very smallest :(

reading "plural genders" on a poster in a comic and *of course* thinking of something that differs greatly for what the author intended

i don't like the word "creature". it sounds of having been created, and nothing is created without reason, without a purpose the creature may not agree with.

christmas season is on. the local shops are selling christmas cookies.

is the wikipedia DNS authority *really* returning the query origin IP to requests for wikipedia.org?

i wish i could really, actually fly. see the city from above, enjoy the freedom of the air. feel the wind against my feathers, above the bustle of too many people in too little space. above the advertisements, the makeshift traffic controls that never work, above the noise and the stink of way too many cars.

... they said as the next air force jet passed directly overhead with a hungry engine sound

always tip out the cheese water before applying the cheese.

these blasted apps, i swear. wrote out a message, posted it, got it back twice--deleted one, both gone.

"$X is the global leader in high-quality, top-level domains for unifying, managing and amplifying digital identity."

aight then

it continues to fascinate in just how *many* stories the human characters are the least appealing or relatable on average. by a large margin.

elements, that was way more complicated than it had any reason to be. but it's done!

another thing to forget about and not remember next time we might need it.

things seem work fine with raw images instead of qcow2 images, no other changes made. the what now

automating installation of one specific linux distribution with expect (because it has no automated installer, or sensible way to produce an install without using the live medium) fails. consistently. always at roughly the same place, and always with what amounts to "your disk is broken". it works outside of expect, with every command or interaction run by hand.

this is mildly infuriating.

download sites that put "would you like to chat with us" popups in their directory listings. why.

"think about nicer things! like kittens. or werespiders."

misread of the day: dopamine-driven design

"multi-conscious embodiedness" has a nice ring to it

damn. now i want a sword.