This resurfaced earlier. Once upon a time on Twitter, KA Applegate dropped into my feed to be a badass ally.

In case you need a YA author who’s not like the wizard terf lady.

@danacorn very happy to see this. I read a good number of that series.

@danacorn I'm not quite sure who this lady is but it's obvious she's a wonder person and those book covers almost made me spit my tea laughing.

@RisumTheFox @danacorn They're from her 90's book series called Animorphs. I grew up reading them and they're honestly a wild ride. I saw someone recently refer to them as being "unhinged star trek for kids" and that's a pretty good descriptor for em

@RisumTheFox So about 30 years ago, KA Applegate was pumping out furry transformation superhero novels like crazy and the older half of millennials were pretty much keeping the Scholastic label afloat by buying those and Goosebumps and Choose Your Own Adventure books.

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