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Oh, were we supposed to write posts? I didn’t know that.

Okay! I’m Dana. Pronouns she/her. I write and draw the syndicated comic strip/bestselling book series β€œPhoebe and Her Unicorn.” Before that, I used to do a reasonably popular webcomic called β€œOzy and Millie.”

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Ex-Disney animators find new home and get film running again after it was undermined and canned by queerphobic Disney execs.

Colour me glad, but unsurprised it got this treatment there.


Why do animated cartoonists use animals?

β€œFor the same reason that Aesop, La Fontaine, Kipling, Beatrix Potter, and Kenneth Grahame did: it is easier and more believable to humanize animals than it is to humanize humans.”

-Chuck Jones


So a couple years ago I drew a poster for Every Child A Reader’s β€œGet Caught Reading” campaign.
I understand mine is second in popularity behind β€œbaby Yoda.”
So they asked me to do another one recently. I drew them this.

Ozy and Millie: the college years. Various stuff from the past year or so.

Millie was shown playing something like four different instruments in the strip; I like to imagine college Millie is an experimental musician.

The gender of the day is a calming ogre on a unicorn.

The most annoying thing autocorrect does to me, currently, is every time I type the word β€œsome” correctly it wants to change it to β€œsone.”

Which is apparently a measurement of subjective loudness? I’m pretty sure I’ve never used it in a sentence.

Every time someone from the Other Place pops up over here, it's like sitting in a country pub in a snowstorm and seeing someone you really like coming in through the door.

I do not like that this needs to exist, but I'mma boost it until it's not. Do likewise, as you will.

@NoodleTime His name’s properly spelled Llewellyn, and I’m sure he says it often!


They got taller or more heads high!
Let's see where this leads- oh no...

Gotta say I’m enjoying this platform so far. It reminds me of the bird app when I was first on it, when it was kind of just fun and informal. Before it was an obligation and a chore and a constant source of stress.
I suppose that can’t last. But for now…

Neighborhood lady and her tricycle-riding kid just told us β€œwe’re so glad Christmas Dragon is back, it’s the highlight of the holiday season!”

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Return of the Christmas dragon, who is named Chris and is nonbinary.

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