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Oh, were we supposed to write posts? I didn’t know that.

Okay! I’m Dana. Pronouns she/her. I write and draw the syndicated comic strip/bestselling book series β€œPhoebe and Her Unicorn.” Before that, I used to do a reasonably popular webcomic called β€œOzy and Millie.”

@danacorn Cool to see yourself in the puzzle pages.

Also, I feel like this exchange is quoting verbatim from an exchange you have had with your publisher.

The gender today is the smell of bacon and sound of crickets at dusk.

Did I draw the BEST @danacorn unicorn on the local Which Wich wall?
Yes, yes I did.
Neigh are ~perfect~

Claire laMouf (who belongs to @danacorn) visits the Underclock Lounge, the soothing laid-back bar tended by Frigid within the dome of the Nexus Center. Nexus Center is the kind of place people from other worlds are encouraged to visit, so nearly anyone can show up there at any time.

On this day in 2012, the first strip of what was then called β€œHeavenly Nostrils” ran on

Happy 11th birthday to β€œPhoebe and Her Unicorn”!

I deleted all my tweets, but I once tweeted β€œYou couldn’t make Blazing Saddles today. It takes way longer than one day to make a movie; if you wanted it today you should’ve started months ago.” I never got why that one didn’t go viral but a couple of my less interesting tweets did. I think that one is funny. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

The gender of the day is a convocation of seagulls.

A certain angry right wing furry cartoonist (if you were around then you know who I mean) once called me a β€œwet-nosed, androgynous little metrosexual.”

Which is…wrong on every count, but also baffling. What does that MEAN?

I am very very happy with this drawing I got from Caytlin Vilbrandt! (She’s great and her comic Tamberlane is lovely.)

My OC Claire and Marie from Tamberlane, at the Santa Monica Pier. Skunk beach day!

It’s not the most import thing in the world, but…

It’s clear a lot of people think the expression β€œthe bully pulpit” means β€œbully” in the modern sense. Like, a pulpit you use to bully people into doing what you want.

The phrase comes from Theodore Roosevelt. And he used β€œbully” often, in an older sense, as in β€œbully for you.” The phrase really just means β€œthe excellent pulpit.”

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