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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Spoiler Characters 

There's furries!

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I don't know where the sickos meme went I downloaded but that's me right now with Tears of the Kingdom

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Remember -- don't let ANYONE ruin your day. Don't empower them. It's YOUR day. Ruin it by yourself.

I arrived home to see this box on my countertop. I opened the box and...


A dragon suddenly popped out of box to greet me and wanted a hug! I hug back and boop a snoot. ❤️

(Amazing quality! Just got him arrived safely from
CreepCatToyCo and RoaminBison on Twitter! Loooove it, you guys should check it out on )

#dragon #plush #plushy #creepcattoyco #snuggle #feral

Watch our Intro to Games UX Talk presented by the one and only Helen on our Youtube channel!

Okay, the Calckey container starts but I'm having trouble mounting the config file. Hmmm

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Misskey has a helm chart so I could always try that. But I want to do it myself!

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I'm trying to set up Calckey on kubernetes. So far it's not working yet but I'll try configuring it more tonight

Join us for our monthly game dev mixer at Alesmith on May 18th! Meet and network with game devs and hobbyists from our local community! 🌸

Animals wearing costumes / kigurumis of their own species boost if you agree

Once again I’m getting a lot of questions about my tote bag that are already answered by my tote bag

I'm working my way through Jedi: Fallen Order, and I don't know if you all know this but it's pretty good. I bet it's going to get a sequel or something

I bought another domain and now I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with it :dragn_think:

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