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Uh oh, my friends are trying to drag me into Destiny 2 again

the most important part of the history of Unicode is the time that a mouse fell out of a light fixture and got added to the count of members present

How do you know you have failed utterly as at #design and need to reconsider your choices?

Roses are red, my code is a disaster
git push --force origin master

100% of game devs will tell you to start with small projects first, and 100% of gamedevs started off by trying to create their dream game.

Do you accept the T̵͓̻̀h̷̳̙̔e̶̤̾ ̴̼̘̓͒P̸̫͑̂a̴͙̐c̶̰̿̍ţ̵͍̓̆?

Another #resin #lizard? Why, yes! This time, I‘ve experimented with incorporating #holographic flakes.

I should really find a way to sell or donate these guys, otherwise they will just keep accumulating.

#epoxy #gecko #CreativeToots

I've realized I don't actually like playing games on my phone. Something has fundamentally shifted how I use my phone these last few months where I'm scrolling less and not on it as much. It's nice

we're seeing unprecedented shenanigans levels

(93%) ■■■■■■■■■□

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