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Engineer: I have built redis! It is a cache! And a KV store! And a coffee maker!

gods of programming: this isn't a cache. look at it. it's a ram stick with ptsd

Added some new Mastodon monitoring infrastructure for

Sure, every good #MastoAdmin has a cool Grafana dashboard, but we're going a bit more old school here...

Hey if you enjoy adventure games with lore delivered in little piece meal bits and also a bangin' soundtrack you should play Tunic.

I got all 8 gym badges before the new year. This game is fun but also a mess

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The number of confused tweets on down detector is giving me life now:

When I started my freelancing business with #PHP and #WordPress I hung this up on my office wall too.

Haha, my top game is my own. I don't play FF14 on Steam

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