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Hey : if I increase the limit on the username length, is that gonna break anything in federation? One of my users has a burning need for MORE EMOJONES in their username. :ds_happy:

If it's not gonna break anything, then if you nkow where to change it that'd be vastly preferable to be grovelling through the entire codebase trying to find out where, too. :)

Okay, I am all set to go to GDC 2023. Would anyone be interested in a gamedev/dragon/furry meet up in the park there?

Huh, my home feed has not updated in 3 hours. Strange

It almost didn't post but I fiddled with the ram and it now seems to be working :dragn_sweats:

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The Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime is directly responsible for making me play Cyberpunk 2077 now. I'm about 9 hours in and am enjoying my time playing more than I thought I would

Tech, Kubernetes 

Okay, I've added a raspberry pi to my home cluster with an x86-64 Ubuntu machine. Now what? I'm also not sure now the load balancing works for web hosts. Does it come in from the first node I set up before?

my brain is a game of snakes and ladders except there's a funny video or song at the end of each snake or ladder

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When your partner makes a DnD character and has the artist draw up their trusty steed as your fursona.

🎨: @morteraphan

#furry #fursona #furryart

Hello! I am a and dragon enthusiast! I make video games and am currently working on TwoKinds Online! I'm a software developer by day, game developer by night.

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I'm enjoying learning Rust so far but the syntax is so different from my beloved C# that my brain hurts and I feel like a novice again

I like how when I went to sign up for cohost I hit the wrong button and now I can't activate my account. And support hasn't gotten back to me yet

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