I had to draw my Dracthyr, I love them so much. Having so much fun in #dragonflight

when I woke up this morning, I had no idea the Raspberry Pi Foundation was going to be today's Fediverse Character of the Day. amazing how far we've come

BREAKING: New feline species discovered, which is definitely not just a cat with a Christmas hat.

Scientists dub it “Felis navidad”.


I do declare this day to be #DragonartFriday! Share your dergs and boost!

@jaycie @Roxy @toydragon don't you want to join the CRU? Sorry, deletion requests are based on GDPR guidelines and take up to 30 days. More seriously, I can see them delaying the delete implementation to get the site up and a available but yikes

I can still scroll Mastodon on my phone, it's all good. Everything is blindingly washed out and the brightness doesn't work anymore

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*shuts down laptop*
I think that's enough internet for today

*picks up phone*
Let's see what the pocket sized internet is doing

I dropped my phone on something in the middle of the night and now most of my screen is funky

Game programming patterns:

A website (and a book) dedicated to programming patterns used in video games.

Knowing these patterns is key for making better designs which result in less headaches during development.


@arch @halfy ah, I think I found that before but I wasn't sure. Thanks for linking!

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