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Hey! You! Wanna join my discord server? We have dragons and some cookies

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Hello! I am a gamedev and dragon enthusiast! I make video games, currently working on Twokinds Online! I'm a software developer by day, game developer by night.

Some links
Game Studio:

Ack, I'm trying to set up a Minecraft bedrock server but I can't even get bedrock to download on my PC :dragnyell: All it does is Error on download

People will tell you how capable the Steam Deck is to try to talk it up, but really all you need to know is you can easily do things like this custom boot animation with it.

I am of the firm opinion that not enough videogames let you be a dragon

Tunic is such a cute fox game and I love it so much. It might be a little too cryptic at times but it's soooo fun to play

I watched all of A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized that was available last night and now I need a ton of caffeine to function :dragnyell:

Now that I understand it better Cinemachine is kind of cool. Using virtual cameras makes it easier to separate the logic out for the states where before I had a larger mess of when the player should or shouldn't be able to move the camera

Well, I deep dived into irc server implementations over the weekend and now I'm looking into matri.

Are there any other popular chat protocols other than irc, Xmpp, and matrix?

Dragon style is...

I played through Stray decently fast. My 3rd finished game this year! Somehow following Inscryption and Journey

I am:
πŸ”΅ Male
πŸ”΅ Female
πŸ”˜ Dragon

Looking for:
πŸ”΅ Male
πŸ”΅ Female
πŸ”˜ Kobold

I guess I'm setting up a home server to start hosting some game stuff. Anyone have some cheap recommendations for machines? I'm looking at a Dell T30 on Ebay

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Dragon Style

I'm a grumpy queer dragon lady and this is my quiet cave for me and some friends.