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Hello! I am a and dragon enthusiast! I make video games and am currently working on TwoKinds Online! I'm a software developer by day, game developer by night.

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I've been mostly offline since I started playing totk. It's nice

What do I do tonight, Final Fantasy 14 or Tears of the Kingdom? Is it possible to do both?

Legend of Zelda: Yeah Just Put a Flamethrower On a Boomerang That'll Work

i felt like i had to know why someone gave this nearby island one star and i'm not disappointed by what i found

CW: Tears of the Kingdom 

Played way too much TotK this week. I love me my goat man.

I was reminded of the time when I took a class on InDesign and we had to create a trifold brochure and I HATED the assignment, so I rebelled by making a fake flyer for a nonexistent petting zoo using a bunch of photos of aggressive animals.

I need to get back to setting up a Calckey instance but Zelda calls

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This older comic is going around. Animals with misleading names! A gentle attempt to poke fun at English common names.

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I'm a grumpy queer dragon lady and this is my quiet cave for me and some friends.