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Hey! You! Wanna join my discord server? We have dragons and some cookies

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Hello! I am a gamedev and dragon enthusiast! I make video games, currently working on Twokinds Online! I'm a software developer by day, game developer by night.

Some links
Game Studio:


@rezzish the faster the ram in computers, the more dragon rawrs. We are up to ddr4 with 4 dragon rawrs but we need more rawrs for more speed!

This piece by @/Hexacult_Beast on :birdsite: is so wonderful...

"Tiny dragons need kobolds too"


The term "database sharding" comes directly from some game lore that needed to be created for Ultima Online, because of the implementation details of scaling an MMORPG

Ugh, I both do and don't want to write my blog. whyyyyyyyyy

I didn't know how to pronounce Alphinaud for a while so I originally said his name like "Empanada"

New year new me, I say as I slowly transform into a dragon

open for drgn 

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