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Hello! I am a and dragon enthusiast! I make video games and am currently working on TwoKinds Online! I'm a software developer by day, game developer by night.

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Uh oh, I'm back into Satisfactory. Maybe I'll build better factories this time and not just sprawl everywhere

Hello, we have a mastodon account now! Join our San Diego Community Discord at

Eggs are fantastic for a fitness diet. If you don’t like the taste, just add cocoa, flour, sugar, butter, baking powder and cook at 350 for 30 minutes.

Happy jamming for those of you participating in Global Game Jam!

Tusky changed how it shows image previews and I'm trying to get use to it

We have one client which we manage an Azure tenant for. They require, and have specified, a zero-tolerance for device non-compliance.

In roughly two hours, 1647 devices are about to be locked out of access to organisation resources, wiped, and removed from Intune permanently.

4 meetings, 124 emails, and two phone calls a day for the last 14 days have warned them of this.

We’ve been *very* clear about what is about to happen for the last 13 months. Their internal management have *acknowledged* what is about to happen. But still, time marches on.

Death by middle-management.



hey, you should play this game, it's got a ton of good dragon content in it!

oh cool! I love dragons!

but first you have to do fetch quest chores for 35 levels


but after that you get to fight nazis.

oh cool, hell yeah

but before that you have to help the catholic church kill dragons.


also the class you picked because it let you establish a greater bond with dragons is about becoming a soldier to commit dragon genocide

what the fuck

but you can be friends with the dragons later :)

In the textiles industry, misaligned patterns is a looming issue.

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I'm a grumpy queer dragon lady and this is my quiet cave for me and some friends.