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There's this local indie game design company with a new game on Kickstarter and I want it.

"Players take control of a cast of characters working to dismantle the aristocracy the only way they know how: summoning demons. This game is a one-shot area-control roleplaying game for 3-6 players, played on a story map (a pentagram)."



weird dreams, snakes, vore? Show more

weird dreams, snakes, vore? Show more

work, anxiety about time/lateness, bad sleep habits Show more

work, anxiety about time/lateness Show more

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hot new art meme: draw your fursona getting headpats

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wow look what day it is Show more

ghostbusters: answer the call, opinions, interpretation question, solve a disagreement! Show more

ghostbusters: answer the call, opinions, interpretation question, solve a disagreement! Show more

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Microblogging service where you log how many spoons you have today so friends can check whether they can bug you with something, should just let you be, or should rush over with soup and capybara pictures.

Still all grumbly about a customer who called to complain at/about me. But.

It took me awhile to realize who she was even talking to. She mentioned "the guy" only gave her one of her son's meds (it looks like probably the computer system dropped it somehow) and people don't usually read me that way so I assumed she meant one of my co-workers.

Then she keeps talking and something makes me go "wait, I remember you. Oh, me! *I'm* the guy that pissed you off!"

Like, she's still awful and I'm mad, but thanks for that, angry person! Made my day.

Does anyone else just really love ugly things?

When I did my grocery shopping last week I looked through their clearance clothes and found this shirt that I just couldn't resist. It's fantastic, it has this weird leafy floral pattern that reminds me of a mix between a Hawaiian shirt and my grandma's old curtains.

I love it so much. I'm wearing it today and every time I look down I'm like "oh yeah, this. It really is the most hideous shirt I've ever seen. 💜 "

It makes me so happy. 😁

homophobic & transphobic parents, transition worries Show more

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What demon must I cross to get this "curse"?
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