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the kobolds are in remiss, they had never seen rocks as shiny as this

silly, suggestive 

"slut era," i whisper to myself, as i bury my face in [DATA REDACTED: CLEARANCE LEVEL INSUFFICIENT]

I got some really cute raffle art ft. @bupy from!

someone in the discord call: hey kobold
the three different kobolds in the call: me? :blobcatsurprised:

stream, self promo, FFXIV 

FFXIV today; apologies for the late start, I just wasn't ready yet. But I am live on right now!

game sale 

Outer Wilds is 40% off right now
Nier is also 50% off right now

two really good games I recommend (assuming Nier is a good port and is as good as the original)

kobold gaming 

i'm actually okay at splatoon!!!!! inkbrush is really really fun!!!!!
i got top turf inker and splatter 20 matches in a row!!!!

this ref is a lil outdated now but check out my carbuncle oc

her name is Cotton~ (named by @curls)

later alligator, game rec 

later alligator is on sale on all platforms!!!!!!!! for 5 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!

it's one of my favorite games ever, brimming with love and charm and so funny i had to stop to catch my breath at times

please play it!

art, vore, twinning 

i would like to share some art that i'm proud of... i don't draw very often so these are from 2020/2021

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