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financial help request, boosts appreciated 

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okay let's start off this account right uwu

this is rena, my kobold sona, she's trans and soft and shy and loves dragons with all her heart๐Ÿ’œ

socializing, joke 

Anybody have GTFO and would like to be a 4th? We're in my discord server with an audience watching the stream :0

socializing ~ 


WA unemployment benefits warning, please boost 

financial help request, boosts appreciated 

Financial Help Request 

this is the point where i would reply *smooches u* at the dragon if i wasn't a shy cowardly lizard, but sadly i am, and i am small, and i do not know how to hold a conversation-

kobold be like
*yips for attention*
*yips for attention*
*yips for-*
*gets attention* oh. uh!! what now,, i didn't think i'd get this far

i like my sona with my irl small boobs but i also enjoy the idea of kobolds having no boobs at all

i've thought of making a flat chested kobold character specifically to have some good and cute representation for trans girls who aren't on hrt

we're barely into spring and already i'm having a little trouble sleeping because of the heat, weh. i want winter back

open only if you are dragon 

birdsite bullshit 

does anyone have any anecdotes on how long it took them to get accustomed to the basic functions of blender?

i'm looking to get into it at some point, but i wanna know what to expect


someday mayhaps i will make a little snake lady for myself or something of the sort.. mayhap..

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