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you could be bigger than me for the small price of none dollars

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thank you @keliff for this incredible depiction of me and the first art of myself drawn

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Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Valid scalie.

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Continuing to post this because I still do not have anywhere to live other than back with my parents.

Hi my name is Hearth and I'm a trans woman in Florida.

My lease is up at the end of the month and I'm trying desperately to find work and somewhere to live. If you know of someone or somewhere with space, so I don't end up with family. If you have anything, please let me know!

If anyone knows somewhere that might be hiring, preferably remote, I have a ton of experience in tech and will gladly apply.

wanted to post the slightly updated version so i could pin it :koboldpeek:

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silly idea, dragons 

*kobold being kidnapped by medieval dragon and taken to a tall stone tower*

"Fair maiden, I've caught you hapless in my claws, and I shall trap thee here, in my domain... FOREVER!! thou wilt NEVER escap-"

oh nooo haha, you're really big like, how tall are you?

"uh... 10'4, I reckon? perchance 10'8 with the frills?"

(twirling ears) omgg 'with the frills' you're SO funny

google just went "oh sorry i don't speak bottom" on my ass wtf


are u a "can tune out any noise no matter how loud" neurodivergent gay or a "any repetitive sound causes me physical pain" neurodivergent gay

eye surgery, silly 

i'm taking antibiotics post surgery through drops which means i'm taking antib-eye-optics

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