Other than this one (which I'm already going to rec), can anyone recommend me chill instances for a monster-identifying friend?

wherever tsu/swanblood is now i hope she's playing untitled goose game

Over on birdsite, FioraAeterna posted this list (as screencaps) for World Mental Health Day 2019, and I made this text version because it was relatively easy for me to do so and it seemed like a helpful accessibility addition: pastebin.com/7aegBtNq

A lot of these are tricks I already knew, but not all of them! And just in general I found it to be a really well written, concise list. (In a better world this stuff would all be common knowledge for adults, but I get that it isn't yet.)

(I'm sure people are going to think this is a mocking or parody toot so I'll say it now, it's not. I am also trans and I wholly support trans people. This is about those few of us who have additional kinds of dysphoria.)

In the spirit of "say the thing you always wanted others to say to you":

Otherkin, you don't have to like being human.

You don't have to enjoy having a human body.

If you can't participate in body positivity past a certain point because your body is fundamentally Wrong and there's no surgery or hormones that could ever fix you, it's okay.

(If you can, that's also okay and it doesn't make you less valid! I just really needed this message to be out there.)

fictional murder, silly (continued) 

nara pic! 

nara pic! 

megacorps being dicks 


each time a new technology evolves, i wonder about this sort of thing.

i think technology's advancing more quickly than we can be snobbish about it, these days. people just sort of standing there and gaping as these strange new realities emerge and collapse around us

setting up windows 10 for the 6 billionth time; microsoft gothic only it's real 

Recommended method for bonding with your bearded dragon, from your local hippie beardless dragon (cw weed): 

From belowmentioned survey (cw: long, species dysphoria) 

survey about otherkin (ok to RT) 

mental health (+, recovering), hell 

We have a lizard! ♡ 

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