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new dragon parent

fictional murder, silly (continued) Show more

A mug that says "World's Best Spy".

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each time a new technology evolves, i wonder about this sort of thing.

i think technology's advancing more quickly than we can be snobbish about it, these days. people just sort of standing there and gaping as these strange new realities emerge and collapse around us

setting up windows 10 for the 6 billionth time; microsoft gothic only it's real Show more

Recommended method for bonding with your bearded dragon, from your local hippie beardless dragon (cw weed): Show more

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this but followed by the inverse-inverse version, where you play fuzzy pastel bowser and it all comes full circle

you know, with all the notifications sites push in your face these days, they sure are bad about the stuff you actually care about and sign up for. yeah sure, lemme watch the last 10 minutes of this stream you never notified me about until now!

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otherkin; cw: apocalyptic ideas, but spun in a positive way Show more

writing is just talking to yourself, and roleplaying is just talking to yourself but with other people

this explains a lot

@mysidia tell her that's more terrifying than any threat she's made as a thaumaturge... she might think twice about white mage >:3

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