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new dragon parent

megacorps being dicks Show more

What I was actually trying to pull was this, which I believe is the best pair of opening quotes to a book that I've ever seen

Just saw this in my screenshots folder captioned "tfwyourfinalevolution"

We're at a "dinosaur gallery" and I would unironically hang this in my room tbh

(image: a landscape painting, but it includes two long-necked dinosaurs walking by a shoreline, beneath a pale lavender sky)

Technically more, if I add the Fake SNES Mini from China

I haven't seen a coffee table so full of SNES controllers since the actual days of the SNES

(Not even then, really. I only had two controllers.)

@anthracite is it me or are these the only two things that are supposed to show as custom emoji on

I think we could definitely use some more dragoning in that department.

when this game started designating werewolves and the like as "therians" I was suspicious

but yeah they definitely know exactly what they're doing

I love the rainbow car wash soap

So many colours and patterns

And it smells like bubblegum

(images: marbled rainbow soap on glass, taking various Bobby amorphous patterns)

i noticed this 5 seconds before the recycling truck came to take it away

also how do you add image descriptions on subway tooter

(it's an image of a cardboard box with the words "a tomato for every occasion")

Vaguely FF8-portrait-style sketch of Sahraa, my mooncatte. Raised a proper Menphina-fearing catte, decided there was a bit too much of the "fearing" in her tribe's interpretation, ran off to the big city, fell in love with a sex worker (and later an assassin in hiding), and eventually became a sailor in the Lominsan navy.

@mysidia said i could probably find a gigolo crocodile somewhere online

but she drew me these adorable buffalo stance buffalo

mild kink mention Show more

if you're asparagus, white wine. if you're a cow, you'll like the red. if you're some kind of ornamental jewelled death claw thing, we recommend our sparkling coolers, I completely hadn't realised just how much the colour aesthetics of Crispin (the game I'm working on) were subconsciously influenced by Ristar but they totally were

I'm not kidding btw this is my miniature eye monster shrine Show more

Things I'm thankful for: my wife, who draws me motivational disembodied eyeballs Show more