What I was actually trying to pull was this, which I believe is the best pair of opening quotes to a book that I've ever seen

basically "weird unlicensed videogames" and "the bizarre niche interpretations of religion that USians are strangely adept at coming up with" are two of my special interests, so y'all know I had to buy a $5 ebook about Wisdom Tree

(It's Bible Adventures: Boss Fight Books Book 7, if you're interested)

I just love that this thing exists. That someone out there both had an extremely niche-audience, but so far pretty interesting, story to tell about the weird overlap between commercialised Christian media and videogame history, and was in a good position to publish it.

Little labours of niche love like that, that actually get out there and get seen and appreciated by someone (in this case, me)-- those make me smile. I kind of wanna write to the author.

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