I'm really not into tech bro transhumanism, it always feels like those people watched dystopian future movies and understood their message completely wrong.

I miss the original tech guys who envisioned robots taking over all the exhausting, unhealthy and crappy work so we have free time for our passions instead of whatever modern ones are doing.

We need to wage tax the work of machines including art AI and get UBI.


Fuckin’ seriously, why does anyone want to automate art. Get back to automating the shit jobs.

I can imagine a few uses for #NeuralNetworks adjusting and mixing existing art.
Just like I use automatic translation as a starting point when maintaining hundreds of descriptions in two languages.
There are repetitive and soul-crushing tasks that need doing.

Still, there is a big problem of copyright violations in training these networks. That is a use of artwork the author must have given a license/permission for.


@Suran @anthracite There is good use of AI art, like lossless upscaling or texture generation, and text AI could enhance the usage of art programs, but how tech bros approach AI art is frustrating. Like, they don't want to help artists to improve their art, they want to replace artists. I don't think that's possible, even if the technology turns out perfect or something, but it's still frustrating to see people be like "Yeah, sorry art will only be a hobby soon and code will have the monopoly on art" while ignoring all the copyright issues at the same time (illegally obtained training data and the fact that machines can't have copyright, so nobody should ever buy rights to machine generated art)

A lot of them predicted some of the issues that would crop up from it too! Asimov's Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun are pretty good stories that, I think, predict some of the issues we're seeing today from technological progress. He completely failed to predict the internet... which is funny, but robots kind of stand in as the catalyst for a lot of the same types of social change pretty well.

Going back to those older sci-fi stories and just seeing what they got flat out wrong while still being right about stuff is pretty fun. Another notable technology that was predicted, but never happened, were giant belts of moving walkways to get around cities. Makes for a fun chase scene in one of the stories.

@Tathar @ayvaire I've been seeing this image for like several years and it only gets more relevant as time goes on.

@ayvaire my favorite response whenever #transhunanism comes up.

I may be cis, but I'm with my trans brothers and sisters on this topic.

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