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Gracious Anthracite

I always know a drawing is coming together if I start snickering helplessly at part of it while I'm working on it.

So I asked 'would you be interested in a new edition of the Silicon Dawn' on assorted social media and, well, check out how people responded on Facebook:

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Shower thoughts:

We have one word for people who are into trans women: "tr***y chaser". It's built around a slur, and has generally negative connotations.

I don't think there *is* a word for people who are into trans men.

Are these gaps in the language we should be addressing? Would it be useful to have a way to say "I have a distinct preference for DFAB guys" as succinctly as we can say "I'm straight", without any judgement attached?

I just got ANOTHER email from someone who wanted to get a copy of my tarot deck and found it to be hideously OOP. I think that's three in the two weeks since the Amazon price shot up to $2k. Guess it's time for a second edition, despite dreading running a Kickstarter right now...

Jeff Minter's "Polybius" is still one of the purest expressions of all that is good and joyful about Video Games that I have ever seen in my life. If you have a PS4 and haven't played it yet you should.

After fooling with Trackmania and kinda wishing I had a steering wheel for that, I now wonder how one would work for Polybius.

I got laundry done. I made a doctor's appointment that needed making. And now I am drawing a fox-girl dissolving into smoke. And being paid for it. Life is good.

Today's Crow Moment: one landed on the stump I put nuts out on and CLUCKED. Like a fucking CHICKEN. Just one diffident little "cluck" before snarfing up the pecans I'd put out a little earlier.

Today feels like the kind of day where I need to listen to "Little Fluffy Clouds" at high volume. And the rest of "The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld" but mostly "Little Fluffy Clouds".

And the kind of day where I perform some mental hygiene by unsubscribing from PS+ because most of the games it's delivered me have felt much more like obligations to spend time on than things I've actually wanted. Less games, more comics.

Ah, that special joy of waking up at 4am from a dream that casually lists all my faults. Including some serious money worries bubbling up from below the surface.

All my comics projects are stupidly over ambitious and I’ve been making too little progress on any of them. Just wallowing in stress and distractions. And yet here I am wanting to move back to LA. Ugh. Where’s that money coming from, miss dragon? Your hoard’s dwindling.

Huzzah. I got a good sketch and the start of coloring on one of these commissions I took. Looking pretty good.

Getting a gold medal on a track by beating @hellojed’s ghost was SO much more satisfying than beating the built-in Gold Medal ghost.

Trackmania Turbo’s structure of several short little non-looping courses followed by a larger multi-lap course is a really interesting way to learn how to drive a cartoon of a car. Aside from the whole “i have no idea what a drift is” (and thanks to everyone who chimed in on that!) it’s functioning pretty well as a Baby’s First Race Game for me.

(I think the last racing game I played more than twice was... Spy Hunter? The original one and/or home ports.)

Ten levels into Trackmania and I’m kind of having fun.

Very interesting. I just tried putting my brain in the same place it goes when I play Polybius and... completely lost control, but damn that felt INTERESTING.

Just me, the gold ghost recording, and the very very useful “restart track instantaneously” button.

Okay I’m just putting Orbital!s PETROL on infinite loop and seeing how many tracks in Trackmania I can get bronze in. Been trying the second baby track for like 15min now.

I could be sucking a lot harder, I could be trying to make sense of a fighting game...

Maybe “drifting” is just “a thing my driver does automatically” because I sure am getting better results by just holding down the gas and hitting the right entrance point on the curve than trying to hit the brakes, which I’ve always had the vague impression is involved in “drifting”?

Man fuck all video games that assume I am intimately acquainted with the real world sports they are derived from and thus spend no time teaching me the terminology.

One of this month’s free PS4 games is Trackmania, which looks like a simple, goofy arcade racer. Surely it will be friendly to my noob self who has no idea how to do all the arcane bullshit of modern racing games!

Signs in first course: DRIFT HERE!

Me: smashes into walls, turns around, has no idea how the fuck to drift

Seriously what exactly does “drifting” entail I have never figured this out and I have never driven a car outside of a vide game.