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Gracious Anthracite

I have been playing Ōkami lately. I really love the way Amaterasu just sits down and yawns during most boss monologues.

This morning, after yoga, I performed a bit of magic I have done with some success in the past: I called upon the spirits of the dinosaurs to bring me strength to get through the day, as I prepared the unfertilized eggs of their remote relation for breakfast.

But I had done badly at the important step of "cleaning the skillet". And compounded this by leaving it to warm up a little too long. So when I poured olive oil on, it caught on fire.

Perhaps my summoning of their strength was a bit too powerful. Or perhaps I just got the Comet instead.

I am perfectly safe, nothing was harmed. Except my eggs, which are a smelly mess full of lingering Idontknow that are now in the disposal.

I think I'm going to Morsel for breakfast.

a perfect little semicolon of cheese

trying to get myself interested in the idea of "drawing" today, much less actually working on Serious Projects, it's hard when every page of Parallax I rough out ends up requiring yet ANOTHER ambitious background that has to do some serious environmental storytelling.

also it's hard when i skip breakfast/my pills/etc

I am staring at a page, pondering how to succinctly depict "wandering through a vast abandoned station whilst playing with the charmingly pseudo-canid guardbot" without spending six or seven pages on it. And then it hits me. The Dotted Line Through A Landscape, as pioneered by Bil Keane, is the best tool for the job at hand.

(I am really not being productive today. Slow brain after another morning of grueling exercise, I guess?)

Sitting in a cafe. Time to get some work done. Do I:

* work on the same big BG I was working on yesterday
* try to remember how to use Silo well enough to model a spaceship that's on that page, and maybe its cabin as well, since that will feature heavily on the next spread

On the gripping hand the sketchbook with my concept doodles for that spaceship is at home, so I guess I'll just draw stuff in Illustrator. But I did check if Silo had a new version out, which it does. So that's installed and waiting.

Maybe I'll read its manual tonight and turn my crappy concept drawings into something I can model from.

Steamed Hams But It’s Turing-Complete

When you fall down a Steamed Hams hole it is time for bed.

Remix culture ahoy.

Me: "I'm not gonna fight that at all; it's a nice characterization that the Matron is the kind of person who can *pronounce* a section sign. In fact she is also the kind of person who can pronounce a pilcrow."

Why does every messaging app these days completely fail to work with OSX's spellcheck. Looking at you, Looking at you,

This short history of how the Phoebus Cartel (or the Global Lightbulb Conspiracy to you and me) reduced the life of the average incandescent bulb from 2000 hours to 1000 pretty much sums up everything wrong with capitalism.

terrible idea for a cyberpunk villain plan Show more

“Blockchain-powered social networking startups come and go all the time, with relatively few of them capturing any attention from the market” is a real sentence that I read today and I am struck by how much explanation the first half of that sentence would require to 199x Me. Show more

Oh hello hidden area accessed through my home zone that not only lets me try out any weapon I own very quickly, but helpfully suggests some useful combos.

I found it completely by accident. And now Monster Hunter is starting to make some sense. That is, until I wander into the smithy and the guy there’s tells me “I hear they call you the ‘shooting star’, that you came from the sky” and this sure is news to me? Unless it’s referring to the opening cinematic where I rode a flying monster into the island? So confused.