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Gracious Anthracite

hey all you furries: details on if-you-can-find-me-around-fc commissions, and a couple of not-at-the-con slots, can be found here.

Once again I have failed in the utterly impossible task of packing for the furry con in bags I can carry on my shoulders.

I have however gotten it down to one shoulder bag and one carry-on suitcase so that's good.

I love this little printer. Now do I go down to use the crappy laminators at FedEx or do I stick this somewhere in my bag and bat my pretty eyes at a friend behind a table doing badges when I make it to the con...

*checks California forecasts* oh yeah I get to pack to go visit SUMMERTIME.

Might bring the black coat for the night-time. And for pockets. Pockets are good.

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Any book recs for my plane trip tomorrow? Preferably stuff I can get into the Kindle app.

bleah when I took my shower this morning I lost a lot of the color, this is probably the most half-assed job of bleaching and dying my hair I have ever done. Oh well.

I just added a zip file with all the images the Silicon Dawn tarot bot uses to the page for the deck. There's also a PDF of the book - use both or either of those as a quick-and-dirty Phone Version!

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Oh hey maybe I should change the lock and home screens on my iPad so they’re not porn of my fursona if I’m gonna use it to read on the plane

Nah everyone will be perfectly happy to glimpse dragon tits over my shoulder I’m sure

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Standing in the mirror, looking sourly at my hair as I smear dye into it. It's not working.

Until suddenly... it *works*, and there's the self I *want* to be standing there in the mirror, with intensely-colored hair. As opposed to sad, wrung-out winter me with no energy and hair that's faded to some kind of mix of pink and black and grey, ever more grey...

Well I *was* gonna look into getting my hair done at a salon down in Cap Hill but then I took a nap and it was kinda too late to go down there any more. So here I am bleaching my hair in the bathroom, with what turns out to be the very last pair of disposable gloves in the house, and then sending @zebratron2084 out to the Walgreen's a block away for some more...

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also i really need to fix the css someday so that the userpage/single toot views aren't rendering all type in the precise inverse colors of the rest of the instance, so that these new emoji don't completely vanish in those cases

but, you know, sounds like work

it's a bit messy because the custom emoji parser seems to demand a space after the closing : of an emoji but I think this is all the time I care to sink into this joke right now

:zh_upper: ose of you who feel a desire to speak like a yinglet now have two custom emoji with which to properly render :zh_lower:e characteri:zh_lower:tic accent with.

You can insert :zh_lower: em in your :zh_lower: tatu :zh_lower: e :zh_lower: by typing ":zh" and selecting :zh_lower: e appropriate one from :zh_lower: e dropdown :zh_lower: at will appear.

hmm those are coming out a little big

emoji are hard

:Zh_upper: ose of you who feel a desire to speak like a yinglet now have two custom emoji with which to properly render :zh_lower: e characteri:zh_lower: tic accent with.

zh_upper and zh_lower are their names.