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Gracious Anthracite

Damn my mood is crap right now. Guess it’s time for the self-care checklist. Show more

Slouched around for a while. Finally came back and started wrapping books in bubble wrap and putting them in boxes. Ran out of bubble wrap after two books. Oops.

Guess I’ll go grab some more tomorrow and see how far I can get.

Omfg I found a CHICK TRACT on the ground. Haven’t seen one in the wild since like the 80s.
This one is about sinners on the Titanic.

what if i got like ONE or TWO krugerrands and put them SOMEWHERE in the teeming pile of almost-identically-sized Mardi Gras doubloons that decorates my bedroom floor. Turn my life into the setup for a farcial heist picture.

Hey, everybody! For those who have been following @anthracite's toots: I am alive. :)

Basically I pulled a back muscle so badly I lied down and couldn't stand back up. I'm embarrassed, but every doctor and nurse was totally understanding and insistent that we had done the right thing.

More than anything, no offense Dad, but I'm just proud to have finally proven I'm less of a butthead than my late father, notorious for toughing these things out when he shouldn't have. -_-

Thanks everyone for your well wishes tonight. ❤

Awrite we are home and we have some serious painkillers/muscle relaxants and this was definitely not a terrible major problem - just a big warning sign about posture, moving, and having some actual core strength. Time to start putting those new gym memberships to work...

And thanks for all y'alls good wishes everyone >3

Also "consider a standing desk" which, yeah, I've loved that and it's made my spine a hell of a lot happier, we can let him use my desk a while and maybe mod his to lift up keyboard/screen/mouse...

Okay so he's at the point where he can sit up now. Hopefully this is just a serious muscle pull that says "treat your back better" rather than "omg yr spine is fuxxored". Attending physician is saying "go sleep at home, keep some ibuprofin next to the bed for tomorrow".


Oh geeze Donna Barr is trying to Kickstart a musical adaptation of her cult favorite comic "The Desert Peach"

which is about gay German WWII soldiers

This is gonna be... interesting.

Woohoo. Had to interrupt the d&d game to get @zebratron2084 to the hospital. Threw out his back. Hoping it’s a warning sign we caught WELL BEFORE it turns into a serious major thing.

Host: "That's Numberwang!"

Contestant: "No it isn't"

[camera suddenly zooms onto face of Host who looks into camera with a shocked face]

Host: "NO, IT"S NOT"

[entire set begins to shake and fall apart, audience and cast begin yelling]


It's winter. Time for Furaffinity to be full of drawings of furries with candy canes up their wahoos.

Also candy-cane-striped tentacles in pretty much every hole, including places that aren't normally a hole. Yay furries!

What if I did a short comic, or a chapter of a longer one, where I tried to draw as many anticipation poses as possible?

which is to say, instead of focusing on Fist Hero punching Mx Nemesis, I would show Fist Hero *winding up* for a punch, and maybe show Mx Nemesis bouncing off a wall afterwards.