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Gracious Anthracite

Dear every new migrant asking for "universal" logins like Twitter: Show more

tfw the snide notes you forgot you put on a costume design make you giggle

Guess who walked all the way to the weed shop and left her wallet at home

welcome to dragon style, where your admin is a forgetful stoner in addition to being a cartoon dragon

Another day, another burst of new users from Twitter who are kind of confused about this whole “instance” thing. Here’s an analogy that might work for older folks like me:

Each Mastodon instance is a BBS. And they are all connected behind the scenes, kind of like FidoNet or WWIVNet.

We don’t have any door games, though. Sorry.

Today's Adventures In Yak-Shaving:

I need to go out to the weed shop and get some screens and some weed so I can get baked off my ass and sit here drawing comics for a while.

Also I should get some isopropyl alcohol to give my bong a good cleaning, it is That Time Again.

cw: bodily excretions Show more

Please direct your friends to or another instance of your choice like, or, etc. is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

Getting up and looking at p4 of this thing. That head is definitely improved. Do I feel like playing with Past Peggy's suggestions for how to improve this one panel further? And maybe working on backgrounds for the two panels of this page that need them? Or would I rather work on getting all the figures and maybe a couple backgrounds on p5 done?

I think I'd rather the latter, the deadline is close enough that I want to have the whole thing at least half-assed ASAP, so I can start prioritizing where to spend my time.

Hello I am Anthracite and I run a very solemn and serious instance dedicated to the majesty of dragons and I am talking about titties. Horny On Admin.

Oh also titties. It is full of titties. Whaddya expect, it’s Gainax.

Shit I did today:

🤘🏿 Fixed a face I really hated in the comics page I knocked out yesterday
🤘🏿 Played D&D - we completed our current mission, and at the end of the session, our home base was on fire, oh dear.
🤘🏿 Braved the cold and drizzle to walk a block to Sacrecrow and get the third and final volume of Gurren Lagann, or as I like to call it, Drill Boyz. It is full of drills, testosterone, and absurd amounts of hope in the face of utter despair.

D&D woes Show more

Instead of another NFL or NBA game, the world should get a remake of Hyperblade. If you don't know what Hyperblade was, it was:
Hockey, But Instead Of A Hockey Stick Everyone Has A Machete Taped To Their Arm, The Arena is Full of Knife Traps, Laser Traps, Concrete Barriers, And A Thing That Turns the Puck into a Deadly Projectile, And Yes, Using That Machete On Your Arm To Kill The Other Team IS A Totally Legal Victory Condition, And Severed Heads Are Worth Quadruple Points.

Best sports game I've ever played.

D&D woes Show more


[pictured: Edward Gorey, in a ludicrously voluminous fur coat, sits at an antique desk, papers exploding from multiple drawers, books on scattered on ever surface, with a long pheasant tail quill in hand. An orange and white Norwegian forest cat(?) sits on the husk of the desk, calmly observing.]

Stoned video game idea: Roller derby, except everyone is a cyborg with a rocket up their ass.

So pretty much Battle Angel Alitalia, the Unlicensed Video Game Adaptation. Except realistically a period-accurate Battle Angel Alita licensed game would be a shitty platformer.

Damn. Episode 16 of Gurren Lagann does a hell of a job of establishing a new normal after a timeskip, then thoroughly upending it.

I really shouldn’t be surprised given that episodes 1-14 (15 is a clip show that recaps the story so far) feel like the high points of at least two seasons of most shows. The side characters suffer; only a couple are more than vague caricatures due to there only being time for Kaneda, Simon, and their quest to PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH THEIR DRILLS. But it’s a worthwhile trade off.

Damn I am so out of practice at Polybius. Need to start playing quick runs of that again regularly; it does things to my brain.

But now it is time to sit down with disc 4 of <s>Drill Boyz</s> Gurren Lagann.

I would have had this done like a half hour earlier but Illustrator started doing that thing where it stops responding to me clicking on the triangles next to layer names to open them up. Which is a problem when your working method involves a layer for each panel, with multiple layers inside it for various elements.

I thought it had stopped doing that but, nope, apparently it still does it. @#$%^.

Sometimes I leave notes to myself on my comics pages to make damn sure I don't call them "finished" without changing a few things.