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furry faux paw:

"always nice to meet a fellow 'mon"

"a what"

"pokemon, you're a salazzle, right?"

"No, just a black dragon. I've been one since before Pokemon even existed."


superhot but you're making people dance instead of shooting them

time moves only when you groove

I have so many pieces of art in the "in progress" tag on my computer that are 80-90% finished and so little energy to do that final 10-20% of work on them. There is a page of Parallax that's entirely done but I cannot get myself to deal with updating the chapter WIP page on my site and writing a Patreon post about it. I am low on something important and I dunno what.

idly resizing a horny cartoon character model sheet someone just posted to the same scale as model sheet for my own horny cartoon character and deciding that, yes, okay, I am completely fine with my fursona coming up to their crotch and no further

I just dreamt that @cstross was giving a reading from his new book to a packed auditorium. There was a choir. There were actors in cheap costumes, a cat boy spoke up with a few lines, then a bird man expired in an epic bout of jet-propelled flatulence.

Then I woke up.


Trump lost his rape case, ordered to pay 5 million.

His current net worth seems to be around 2.5 billion so this is effectively pocket change to him but I bet it still hurts like fuck.

Waiting in the optometrist’s office. They are playing Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. I am feeling unimaginably ancient because of this.

looking through the Playstation store's discount bin, I find myself looking at a game called "Succubus With A Gun". it is like six bucks and it is entirely about being a generic third-person shooter with a nice ass.

Sadly reviews suggest that it completely fails the "be a decent third-person shooter" part. A shame. I feel like I could enjoy getting drunk and playing a half-assed third-person shooter with a nice butt.

It was, indeed, a pretty nice place to sit and draw some furry porn for a while. Anyone feel like being the central, semi-divine-looking figure? This could be a neat YCH.

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