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I am pretty sure I have finished a picture I have been working on for the past few days and I should take the 10-20 minutes it will take to get it uploaded in various places (Redbubble, Patreon, my site, and everywhere Postybirb talks to) but I think first I need to take a break and maybe have a walk, get some lunch. At the very least I need a big drink of water.

Taking Artie to the vet sure did take all today’s energy. She has had a deworming shot and some basic vaccinations and seems to have largely forgiven us for the trip to the Weird Place in the Weird Moving Box; as I was leaving home for dinner, she came up and mewed for some scritches.

Horizon Forbidden West sure did have an ending that set up things for another sequel. I got to kill a lot of billionaires in the final mission, though, so that's good. And the baddie introduced for another sequel is the result of trying to upload a bunch of billionaires. They may have been suffering in endless virtual agony for a thousand years. So that's good too.

man I really gotta dig up my business cards/fliers/etc and shove some in my bag

thinking about an open-world video game that straight up acknowledges that the best parts of these games are often the side quests, and just completely dispenses with any pretense of an overall world-spanning story with a beginning, middle, and end - here's the central hub with the combat tutorials, pick a direction, enjoy the scenery, see who you meet and what their problems are, and if their stories seem interesting to follow through.

kind of... a short-story collection of a game, rather than an epic trilogy with assorted side diversions.

hey, this piece of yours from 2021 came up in the endless rotation of my FA faves ono my desktop, and I just wanted to say that it's fucking lovely and super sweet. <3

I can't find it in either of your FA galleries so you get a comment here instead.

trans lady things 

I am trying a new arrangement for tucking my bits and damn it is working so well it’s altering my gait. Gonna see how it fares after a day out on the bike.

I really gotta start meditating regularly again. I sat for a half hour this morning and it was REALLY NICE.

Kinda tempted to just sit for another hour. It's Saturday, I don't have any plans.

I just got stoned and drew Caitlyn the Rubber Witch here and cannot decide what to do with her.

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Caitlin the Rubber Witch (see reply for image) is

If getting back on the pole has reset my body’s internal idea of how old it is that’s pretty good though.

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I must be getting old. I just caught my mouth trying to lie about my age when checking in for my doctor’s appointment. A year four years younger just tumbled out like it was what I said every time someone asked me what year I was born for the past *mumble* years.

When you spend a week alone in the house doing guided meditations, sometimes weird shit like this happens.

cw: naked dragon tittles

Lots more detail about this, narratively and technically, is on my blog:


High-res and AI source:

hey @llamasoft_ox is "dynamic colour effects: INTENSE" a thing I can unlock in Akka Arrh or is it a thing I will be able to pay like five bucks for as DLC in the future

because, like, I have been to Basingstoke via Polybius, I would happily pay five bucks for a remix that turns the visual massage up a few notches

holy crap ten minutes adding a tint layer to the bg, some shadows from the characters, and a little lighting overlaid on the characters made this SO MUCH CLEARER

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