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Remember, if you don't fight the corps, it isn't cyberpunk. It's just sparkling dystopia.

oh hey I just feel like I should point out that I recently got asked to add this therian emoji to :therian:

I am not one but if you are now you can say it in one symbol instead of two.

At last, the bot for my Tarot deck lives again!

Follow @silicondawn for a daily card draw at around 9AM Central time.

If you want boring details of why it was down on mastodon for a year, they are here:

Musk posted a "should I reinstate Trump" poll on Twitter and that's the last straw for me. I deleted every single account I've had there.

Bye, Twitter. I never liked you in the first place but you were where all my friends ended up under names I could actually recognize them.

They did this research where they asked people to make a decision based on a coin toss and then checked to see how satisfied people were long term with the outcome. Overwhelmingly the people who got the “change things” outcome on the coin toss were happier. I guess what I’m saying is, if you think maybe you’re trans, you might wanna just give it a try. See how you like it. One year on from my egg cracking and I have never been happier. I mean, it sucks in a lot of ways but there’s just a so much joy.

This is interesting. The 27" monitor feels like it's right over a threshold where having all the menu bars live in the upper left of the screen is starting to feel like a long way away. The 24" screen was fine for this but the 27" just feels like it's... a schlep.

I've had ManyTrick's [Menuwhere]( installed for a few months for occasional quick keyboard access to menus, maybe I'll start using it more.

⚠️ Twitter is a security timebomb - make sure you're not reusing passwords on it ⚠️

I am a very professional adult who only used the word "fuck" in an email to a client about six times just now.

Hey furry masto admins who still have room for more users: check out and maybe hit up to add yours.

There's a bit more about it from its creator at this toot:

To your fellow #furry friends joining, is working to be a better way to get them in. For my fellow #mastoadmin folks, if you are a furry related instance. Feel free to submit to join at (currently manual, but will be automated once I get off work later today)

Another one of those "I don't know where this is going" files, I have a lot of them lately. I just kinda pick them up and poke at them for about five minutes then wander off. This one's closer to my normal style but it's still quite intentionally sloppier than usual.

CW: cartoon nudity, unfinished.

My body sure did just inform me that I have not eaten anything besides a Kind bar and some snacks. Time to go get a burger.

Man it is super weird moving my cursor around and seeing it refresh at 30fps. I haven't seen an arrow refresh at that frame rate since I was using my Amiga on an interlaced NTSC screen.

It works!

Only at 30fps right now, and it doesn’t have an appropriate plug for the old monitor’s USB to the computer. I suspect getting a long enough USBC cable that does power and video will fix both of these issues, it’s specced for 60fps.

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