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I am briefly imagining the epic fight Apple would have had with the Vieux Carre Commission if they’d tried to have a store in the French Quarter. Their usual glass boxes would break every single rule about fitting in with the historical architecture.

Custom wrought iron railing with Apple logos in it would be cute though.

My new computer was originally supposed to get to the Apple store at the end of the month but I got an email today and now here I am sitting in the mall food court with a food court pretzel in front of me and a new computer in a bag next to me.

I'm back to work on the BE comic. I finally set up a preview of the whole thing for patrons:

And here's a couple thumbnail teasers of that for everyone else. :ds_wink:

dead parasites 


They've got a few more in the queue, it shouldn't be that hard to go down the line of succession. Make sure you're always killing the current monarch so that you don't waste effort on someone who is not *currently* the monarch.; monarchy transmits instantly but you don't want to, say, get five of them in one place and just start spraying them with bullets in case the current #4 dies before the current #1.

Wikipedia tells me there's about 5.7k people in the largest estimate of the whole line of succession, and about 49k towns/villages/cities in the UK, so there's definitely a lot of room for improving the people's accessibility to dead monarchs. There may be some delays as the line is worked out properly.

dead parasites 

When Muscovites had to queue for hours for food in the 80s it was derided as the failure of a system. Well, why is Britain's supply of dead monarchs so constrained that people have to queue across London for one?

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Yay, it looks like my new computer is gonna be ready to pick up this Monday instead of a couple weeks later at the end of the month.

It is a beautiful day and I am sitting in a cafe in the French Quarter getting slightly tizzly on a very pink alcoholic drink and drawing goofy titty expansion comics. This is the life.

Holy shit Patreon actually put out news about some layoffs with some actual detail and acknowledgement of the fact that it is incredibly stress-inducing to see the company you depend on to help pay your bills do weird shit with no warning.

I’ve decided to ban AI-generated images here on Dragon Style. I am an artist and this shit is close to threatening my livelihood; I do not want to donate my disk space and bandwidth to letting it spread.

Exceptions may be made if it’s part of a process more complex than “I spent an hour typing variants of the same idea into a text box”.

I replaced my phone battery on Saturday, and let it charge fully overnight. I took it off the charger Monday morning and have been keeping it off until it completely runs down, so as to properly calibrate the phone to its new power source.

It is Tuesday morning and it is still at 33%. Previously it would have crapped out after about a half a day. This is real nice.


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FYI, Doug Winger's birthday is September 30th. Furry artists, get ready to pay respect to a master of the form. :)

Horny Blessings For Your Day 

May today be filled with the Energy of Doug Winger and his creations. Blessed be Hyper. Amen.

I’ve been playing “Stray” and it is a cute game but I feel like it’s missing a essential part of catting: nobody has fed this poor cat for the entire duration of this game. Where is the butterfly chasing action? The lizard pouncing? The sparrow nabbing, the crow harassment?

Catting about the fence tops and roofs is nice but it’s completely lacking in the “cats are very efficient murderers” part of things and this really feels like a major lack in the whole “you are a cat” experience.

Oh good. It is getting signal now AND the volume buttons are working, I thought I managed to break them during the replacement.

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Replacing the battery in your phone is very easy and not at all stressful. It has battery now but isn’t picking up signal and I hope that’s just shitty reception up by my desk.

the momentary disorientation of being in a cafe that suddenly starts playing what is either the epic track from the last level of "Rez" or the original source of a sample it's built around, and my brain immediately responds by diving into its archives to unpack the set of reflexes and patterns attached to that music

The fun part is thinking of a plan for continuing operations under a couple of other names once Visa/MC notice how horny you are and make you block porn, that is not also fraud.

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Okay so who wants to get together and make a furry-porn-friendly Patreon-like, I’m sure there are absolutely no pitfalls here.

“The Flintstones” would have been so much better if the sabre-tooth cat who only appears in the credits (“someday Fred will win the fight/when he puts the cat out for the night”) had been regularly seen hanging around the house during the day, snoozing in the background. Maybe even occasionally getting petted. Or used as a couch.

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