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I think this character design is completed. Or at least completed enough for my needs in this comic.

I am sitting in a lovely courtyard watching the rain come down just hard enough for it to be too wet for me to work, despite being under a tree.

That is four things to post on Patreon, which is nice, because I have already posted four things to Patreon this month and I try to aim for eight posts, as that typically results in around a thousand bucks from my supporters, which mostly covers bills.

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Ten days left in the month. Eight if I have a weekend. That's how long I've got to finish page 7a of this (two panels), as well as 7b, 8, and possibly 7c. And hack it up to fit nicely on a tiny phone screen.

There are more pages - 13 total originally, plus probably whatever I add to give the second half of the fight more room - but that's for next month.

Comics are weird work.

Tomorrow I get to search up photos of Mitch McConnell so I can design an evil cult leader who is going to get kicked in the nads in a couple of pages. Life is good.

HEY DIGITAL ARTISTS: When’s the last time you looked in your stylus holder? When’s the last time you cleaned it out?

I just did these things. I think the answer was “a few years”. Eww.

I got a chunk of work done this morning so I think it’s time to stare at the Magic Painting for a while.

man I am gonna need to do some major hacking to make this thing look good on webtoons, wish they had a zoom-in-on-panels mode

normally I would just say "fuck it" but a chance at $5-50k on top of what my patrons are paying me is a powerful motivator

sitting in the cafe while torrential rain comes down outside, working on thumbnail icons for this comic and trying to come up with a name that's not stupid

or maybe trying to come up with one that's the right level of stupid, I dunno

If there is one thing Mike Mignola's work has taught me, it is that tracing a picture or two of an ancient statue of a god is a great way to establish a location.

This is it for now. There's a few more finished pages, and a whole lot of roughs, up on Patreon:

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It is time to post some of this silly thing. I can't find my original post of the first page here so, enjoy a new thread for "Chlöe's Evening Out"!

I procrastinated by roughing out page 5a, full of muzzy images of our heroines getting dragged unconscious from the rave to the Ritual Room, since I have decided to see if I can expand the beginning of this a bit to end on a cliffhanger and still meet the requirements of the Webtoons competition. Also I really wanted to get a Mignola-style drawing of a statue of Ereshkigal in there and now I have.

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Man I wish I was the kind of person who could just write "SEKANS EMOCEB SEPOR" and be done with this word balloon instead of flipping through my magic library looking for just the right snakey types to call on to free these two from being tied up.

Going from "shitty rough" to "finished color drawing" in about eight minutes always feels good.

I wonder if there will be anyone doing the equivalent of Tundra Publishing in comics again. Kevin Eastman spent like 3y handing out like $12mil of his Turtles money to his comics buddies so they could take a year or two off the DC/Marvel grind and work on passion projects. Also to a lot of his relatives and local friends so they could have a pretty easy day job, too.

I think it's time to start posting pages of this silly thing. I need to finish converting pages 2-3 to color, then I can post up to page 5. Patrons can see the whole thing as it currently stands:

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