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I ended up staying up late poking at the 2022 model sheet for Peganthyrus and I am pretty happy with how unabashedly horny it is.

cw: horny goddamn furry porn sketch 

yeah this thing is coming along

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Approximately six hundred subjective years later I have gone to the bike shop to verify that my new pump does indeed work, I was just expecting it to pump much faster, acquired a couple spare tubes and a patch kit and a new wheel light since I needed them anyway, gone BACK after realizing I could not properly seat the front brake cable, discovering that the mechanic there is Blessed by the Goddess of Velocipedes and has the Touch, had a snoball, and FINALLY made it out to the cafe to try and get some email and whatnot done.

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Me, thumping over the messy trench left in the street outside my house by S&WB maintenance: Gee, I should be careful. That’s gonna give me a flat.

A few minutes later…

I would probably make it into some kind of altar to Chronos and/or Fotamecus if I actually did this, of course. Being a person who has Built a Device to Measure Time is probably very useful in asking aid from either of these divinities with a hand on the flow of it.

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it is also making me want to build a clock of some kind to *feel* how this works for myself. "Make one out of Lego Technics" is about the level of Process I'd want. Dunno if I want to figure one out based on first principles though. Or on Internet build notes.

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This interactive explanation of how a mechanical watch works is making me want to start carrying a pocketwatch solely for the pleasure of owning an intricate piece of machinery, and pondering many things related to Time.

Damn this sure is a morning where I slowly swim up to consciousness with an overall feeling of “oh hello this stupid piece of meat I’m stuck in, hello stupid stupid timeline this stupid piece of meat is on”.

I miss the Internet before everyone pivoted to video.

cw: horny goddamn furry porn sketch 

Have a preview of where this thing is going. It's a nice test of the redesign of my dragonsona I'm doing too, it's making me consider a few tweaks. Pretty good for about an hour spent in Illustrator.

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cw: horny goddamn furry porn sketch 

All this cloud sync shit and “toot a horny sketch” still feels like the most reliable way to quickly get the sketch to my computer and Illustrator.

Dream: lost in space and guided by the Oracle 

Damn that was a weird dream. I was on a space cruise with a couple friends and their parents. Got separated from them and when I got back there had been a decade-long time slip and I had nowhere to stay and no way to afford a space cruise ticket home.

So I took out my phone and called The Oracle, a volunteer service where people answer your questions in exchange for having to answer someone else’s question later. Kinda like the Internet Oracle except less jokey and with a reputation for being scarily right about things it has absolutely no business being right about. I poured my troubles out and my Oracle told me to go to a particular store where I ran into a few people who took me in and gave me a place to stay for the night and some food. And turned out to be from New Orleans. Thanks, Oracle and Space New Orleanians, you made that dream a ton less miserable! I broke down and wept from relief not too long before waking up.

uspol/lapol (+) 

So according to the New Orleans DSA’s Twitter, Louisiana’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill (HB837) was defeated today. My gender identity continues to be legal to mention in schools, giving kids the option to wonder if that’s the thing that makes sense of a lot of weird shit in their life!

uspol (@#$%^) 

Goddamn it felt good to type that shit out. Vent that fucking rant at the length it needs to be, and put it behind a fucking CW because I don't want anyone to pick up that anger when they're trying to have a nice day. Now I can just work on art.

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uspol (@#$%^) 

I sure do love Biden's wussy-ass "you need to go VOTE in NOVEMBER to CHANGE this!" response to the Roe v Wade leak. Joe you have a majority in the fucking government. You can pass some fucking laws about this right now. You SAID you were gonna do that on the campaign trail. Get off your useless old grey company man ass and do what we put you in office to do instead of wringing your hands and saying you can't do anything.

If Manchin won't cooperate then declare him a DINO, eject his ass from the fold, maybe even dig up some dirt and make a scandal happen. Just fucking govern you useless piece of shit. Stop being a "centrist" when the opposition keeps on dragging their end of the Overton window further and further into shitsvile.

I forgot to pin the last one of these I made and now I can’t find it so!
Commissions! Emoji! :ds_pog:
I offer two styles. The first is based off of the general circle face emoji and use a base. I offer a “starter pack” That’s two for $35 and it’s $20 for each additional expression.

The other style is a more complex emoji without using a base, like the kind popular on twitch these start at $45 each and have deals for buying multiple at once. $120 for 3 and $200 for 5. This includes multi part emoji that fit together to make a longer image.
All payments are currently via PayPal

I also take tips on ko-fi and if you include a simple or silly request on any tip $6 and higher I’ll draw it! Full terms on my ko-fi page

Today I have been drawing a model sheet for the way I’ve been drawing Dragon Me lately and I keep having to take a break because looking at her is making me horny.

I think that means it’s a pretty successful fursona design.

Am I the only who can never remember if the admin function she wants at any moment is in the "moderation" section of the settings or the "administration"? It feels like I guess wrong about it about 50% of the time.

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