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I feel like the existence of “airboat%” speedruns of Portal make for a compelling argument against the theory that the entire universe is a simulation.

Today while walking out to the cafe, @zebratron2084 and I came up with a followup to Stella's Guide to the Golden Dawn, if I ever get back to that. It would be presented as more of a manual to recognize a sort of person who should be shot on sight, rather than a guide for an aspiring politician to follow.

The derpy little cartoon Prince would probably be murdered in many, many goofy cartoon ways by an angry cartoon tiger lady over the course of this book. He is a turnip with a comb-over, a tie, and a crown.

I have no warlord. I just like saying "wainscoting".

The effigy of Joan of Arc, patron saint of New Orleans, has been paraded past the Mayor and the French Consul. Angels bless this city for another year. Let’s hope it takes.

Does it mean anything different if they let out the stinkiest fart after doing this for a few minutes, holy shit.

What does it mean when a cat sits in your lap and just keeps kneading with all four paws?

It is a very good feeling to look in the sky at oncoming clouds, decide to go home and wait it out, and get home RIGHT as it starts getting serious about rain.

Somewhere around 2-3k likes, the icons showing up in the constant "some people liked your tweet" notifications started to be pretty much entirely photographs of people with the occasional cartoon drawing of people. The Sherrif of Wordle has gone far, far away from the largely furry circles I mostly stay in.

I wish him good luck on his journey, and wish that he will bring me some surprising new fans from well outside my usual haunts.

I am walking home from the neighborhood burger joint. I pass a school’s now-dark playground and look up in the sky.

For the first time in years, I see the Big Dipper.

get stoned, start reading a new translation of the Tao Te Ching, pause six chapters in to start to draw a divine Weaver

pretty normal night, I guess, maybe I'll try and finish this tonight/tomorrow?

Yay, one more card for the Fake Gameboard spread in Parallax. Which is one of the major blocks to getting the whole chapter done.

6 cards left, plus whatever I do to make the gameboard pretty, and some tokens to draw...

sweet monkey fuck

this piece of nonsense is the most popular thing I have ever said on Twitter and I hate everything now

howdy howdy howdy
🟨 ⬜️ 🟨
👇 🟨 🟩👇
🟩 🟨
🟩 🟩
👢 👢

I'm the wordle sherrif, 420 6/9


Tonight I learnt that Cryo Interactive made a sequel to “Captain Blood” that is even more bizarre and confusing than the original game. Behold: Commander Blood.

Design exercise: Kell from VE Schwab's "Darker Shade Of Magic", in a style vaguely reminiscent of mid-century modern cartoons.

career contemplation

This morning the SO was looking at the benefits offered by the European company they work for and something like the following conversation ensued:

🐯 Huh, I could get some career counseling.

🐉 Damn. I could use some of that.

🐯 I think it's just for me... wait, no, it's for spouses and domestic partners, too.

And now I am sort of sitting here quietly asking, what the fuck do ...

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I just spent an hour banging my head against Numbers to make a spreadsheet for this. Now I can take numbers out of the obscure popup on Patreon's earnings page and get an automatically-updated estimate of how much I will actually get at the end of the month after fees and he fact that the estimate is always about 1-5% over what's actually charged.

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