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*sends a wip to everyone in the Too Many Titties Elevator YCH*

Oh good, Apple finally fixed the glitch where Keychain secure notes displayed as black on black in Dark Mode somewhere between Mojave and Big Sur.

new terminology that while technically accurate will piss off music theorists:

pitch = ultrarhythm
rhythm = infrapitch

money (-), help needed 

Damn, that little burst of retweeted art yesterday and an “I have a Patreon” post has some nice results, I have six new patrons who’re totaling $19 per page. Thanks for the support, everyone!

Oh nice, I wonder if they’re gonna paint the street to the museum to invoke the Nile like they did for the Tut exhibit. The last flakes of that got washed away around Katrina and I still miss it when I go to the park.

more work on hair dye done, gonna slouch around a while reading while it sets, I think, then I guess it's time to attempt to get shit done today

(yes it's 2pm, slow start)

Somewhere around the beginning of summer I broke my toenail near the base. It has been slowly growing out and I keep on hoping it will not decide to bend down and dig into the flesh.

It is at the point where I can start clipping one side of it (the break was at an angle) and the lagging side is still being good.

No photos, I am pretty sure the ratio of people who really don’t want a photo of my not-ingrown toenail to show up on their timelines vs those who do is pretty high. I just want to share this weird little minor example of Shit Going Unexpectedly Well.

Still throttling itself annoyingly when it’s at the desk and plugged in. Probably because of the way this damn thing generates a ton of heat when it’s charging. Man I miss the succession of Airs that just quietly Worked, this Pro has been such a pain in the butt with regards to power,

For a while I have been having these really annoying issues where my Mac constantly has little freezes, with the Wacom stylus and/or keyboard input freezing for a few frustrating seconds. It's been a lot worse since I upgraded to Big Sur but it was definitely happening with Mojave too.

Today I think I found the cure: I fucked around with iStat Menus' temp/fan item and told it to try and turn on the goddamn fan when it starts getting hot, so that OSX doesn't aggressively throttle the CPU instead. (Which shows up in task monitors as kernel.task eating a ton of CPU.)

It seems to be working, I haven't had any stylus jank since. APPLE IT IS OKAY FOR MY FANS TO COME ON FFS.

Hey, it's more Parallax over on Patreon! In which all the color drains out of Noa's world.

Patrons can see it right now at, everyone else will see it at somewhere around early December.

Ugh my computer said it had a 50% battery when I left the cafe and then was down to 25% when I opened it up in the park. And the battery in my bag seems to be empty. Feh.

Commission for Baxil: the four-armed wolf lady Howell is valiantly battling a hideous monstrosity, while Bax gets some serious Time Magic going in the background.

Illustrator, 4.5h.

A few notes and some alternate palettes on my blog:

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