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I sure did manage to get a whole half hour of work done at this cafe.

On the other hand I also drew a couple of goofy things this morning that made people happy. And I went to a bookstore and ended up paying like ten less than I should have because they decided to throw the last book in for free, which brought it right down to the $50 I was vaguely expecting the pile I hadn't really been keeping track of the price of to come in at.

Today I learnt that SheezyArt still exists. Or that it died and has been resurrected somewhere in the twenty years since I last thought of DA’s Younger, Edgier Sister.

Today I sure did have one of those naps that leaves you more tired when you wake up than when you laid down. It’s a few hours later and I still feel useless.

In completely unrelated news I really haven’t had a damn thing to eat today. Perhaps a burger will fix this enough for me to make a trip to the store for some easy breakfast fixings that I’ve run out of.

I woke up around 5AM with a head full of boogers and it is almost 8 and I am still full of boogers. Yuck.

I have figured out what to do with the carryable Alien Devices in the
Outer Wilds expansion and I am at a loss for what to do in the area it takes me to and my eyes are tired. Bedtime; something to explore next time I spend an evening with it.

I have bought the Outer Wilds DLC, downloaded it, and convinced the PS4 that I actually own it. Time to return to this little doomed universe.

I have briefly indulged in a few moments of nostalgia (okay, about an hour) and it is really amazing how incoherent and unplayable action-adventure games used to be. Mere words cannot describe the awkwardness of the "Windimation" system used in "Knight Tyme".

(Skip to about 3:10 to watch the gameplay, this video starts by documenting the absurd amount of time you would have had to wait for this thing to load off of tape.)

Today I was reminded of the c64 game "Lazy Jones".

It may well be the first video game that was a collection of minigames, before the word "minigame" was coined: you are a hotel janitor slacking off by wandering into rooms and playing the video games found there. None of them are really good games but they're all kind of cheerfully goofy.

Never walk away from your computer with anything important unsaved. Because sometimes you will come back to it the next day and it will refuse to wake up normally, causing a few intensely worried moments until you manage to get it to reboot.

...yeah that was no fun, even secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't lose anything.

Hooray! I finally beat all the bosses in the second island of Cuphead! I picked it up for the first time in a while and *finally* put together how the little jumping fire minions behave in the second phase of Grim Matchstick, so I was able to get a decent chance at his final phase.

(Lobber for first and third phases, Chaser for second.)

Illustrator, 7h.

This started with just Kellyn perched atop the shelves (from me recalling how I kid me used to like to climb on top of the dresser in my room, or the shed in the back yard, and read), but ended up also including my SO's character Alba in the couch.

Today feels weird and flat and empty; I have nothing much else to say about this drawing. It feels like I may be done with the urge to draw these cozy library scenes for a while.

High res and AI source on Patreon:

Shirts/prints/etc on Redbubble:

technical issues were overcome, Son of the White Mare was a hell of thing, holy shit.

Tonight we went out to see a movie that was rescheduled from a couple days ago due to it being on an outdoors screen on a rainy night. Now there are sound problems that have caused it to be paused for a while while they are hopefully sorted out. This movie is too powerful to be seen.

(“Son of the White Mare”, a psychedelic 1981 Hungarian film. Fucking gorgeous.

I was hoping to get the fourth library picture done today but then I learnt that Linsey Lohan now has a “fursona” made by some NFT idiots that she is auctioning off for a starting bid of $1500 and I fucking hate everything and want to end the world in a blaze of fire and stupidity.

how the fuck did I get a bunch of mosquito bites in the tramp stamp area, wtf

Today I got a drink and some beignets from the Cafe Du Monde in the park and the woman who took my order had an English or Australian accent. And I wondered, kid, what's *your* story, how'd that accent end up *here* in what looks to be your early twenties?

I didn't ask, though. There were people behind me.

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