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There is a mission in Psychonauts 2 where you explore an Eastern European village made entirely of hair and holy crap it sure is a nightmare straight out of Bloodborne. Especially if you do it last in the set of three linked missions it’s part of and end up exploring The Horrible Shit Ford Cruller Did In A Graveyard next.

All these goofy eyed characters have done some shit.

Damn the Senses Gathering level of Psychonauts 2 sure did tie back into the main story in every way I suspected it did.

Hell of a line at the self check stops at Winn Dixie. Only 3/6 stations are up. The rest of the lines are worse though. Lots of people restocking their whole fridge as power comes back across town.

I got to the Trippy Sense-Recovering level of Psychonauts 2 and it sure is exactly what the trailer focused on that level sold it as being. Very pretty. It seems to slot into the overall narrative and themes of the game interestingly, too.

Hello, hair growing down off the berries I left in the freezer before the storm and ~1wk of no power! You were unexpected.

Though not in retrospect, they weren't processed or washed, I just wash them before sticking them in the blender for a breakfast smoothie.

Oddly enough a tentative look in the fridge looks much less horrifying, though everything in there is still Very Untrusted and going straight in the garbage later today.

Holy crap the trophy images for Psychonauts 2 are fucking gorgeous and I want them to just be a spread in the art book,

warning: be sure genie is a very long way from going into Apocalypse Mode before doing this to them.

how to annoy your genie friends:

1. do something horny and absurd to them
2. wish for their consent afterwards

freeform todo 

freeform todo 

God it’s amazing the difference having the ceiling fan on makes. I haven’t turned on the AC. Just having the air MOVE is amazing,

time to buy Psychonauts 2 and play it until @zebratron2084 gets back home

Aww man my neighbors just came by and gave me a couple bottles of FROZEN water and a cold can of Coke. They have a generator that’s been running since the storm. It’s noisy but hey. Ice!

I sure did see a lot of trucks while I was out at least.

Time to take a break from running around checking on houses and stop at today’s office. The phone ran out of power and wouldn’t come on again for like 20 scary minutes.

I am real glad I got this solar panel before coming back.

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