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post on Hacker News: hey check out this series of videos I've made on how to stop procrastinating!

me: Cool! One more way to procrastinate while telling myself I'm totally being productive!

...and then I cut that reply out, closed the tab, and posted it here instead :)

I found this while looking to see if a password reset had landed in my spam folder and it makes me laugh. God, what am I doing that Dragon Style shows up on the fourth page of results on any search for ANYTHING? I want it to be LOWER, this is a quiet little obscure corner of the internet and I want it to STAY that way.

Tonight I found out that OSX’s Activity Monitor has an “is this preventing sleep?” column you can turn on when you are staring at your computer wondering why it keeps on waking right back up after you tell it to go to sleep.

For the record the offending process was photoanalysysd. Why the fuck should a background process designed to grovel through my photo library ever be able to suppress sleep. Annoying. I force quit that sucker and now my machine is snoozing away. And shortly so will I.

I hope you have enjoyed this bedtime story. Sweet dreams!

I finally got Cuphead. Holy shit that game is brutal.

Today I learnt that apparently the kids on Tiktok have decided that “😂” is aggressively uncool, and that CNN thinks this is newsworthy:

I have decided that I need to start using U+1F574, LEVITATING BUSINESS MAN, to indicate amusement.


More Stella up on Patreon! In which we start drawing stars in the air. Several new rough pages on the WIP site, as well.

The nice thing about being a magician in the modern age is how easy it is to notice that you happen to be doing your daily rites during the hour of the Moon, then notice that the moon is in Virgo and maybe this would be a good time to check your references and see what kind of affairs the daimons of both these celestial bodies might work well together upon.

Today I sent off a commission, posted a page of Stella's Guide on the Patreon, AND got four more pages of Stella roughed out. A pretty good day! if you wanna see the new page.

Well that was a few worried moments. My computer ran out of power without doing a proper emergency shutdown again. In the middle of saving a file I’d just deemed Completely Finished, after working on for most of this week.

Luckily when i plugged in the battery and brought it back up, the previous version had not been halfway-overwritten. And the only thing different was that I’d done a few renders with different layers visible, it was already Done.

Hooray for finally being able to rotate the fucking canvas after twenty years of Illustrator, that made it a lot easier. Yay!

I think I have come to that rare place where I am doing a drawing of my fursona and need to construct some kind of model for an unusual angle on the head. This has not happened for a very very long time.

Did you ever hear about the pirate captain whose special mixture of rum and beer gave her the uncanny ability to see the future? Many tried, but none could ever duplicate the secret of her precog grog.

I would like to experiment with doing a Daily Shitty Drawing for a little while. This is a request for prompts.

Image reference may be helpful, no gore/shock/racist/etc imagery please.

Your OC is okay as a prompt but be warned: the resulting image will be shitty, and probably unflattering.

Today I learnt that the Oatmeal still exists and that its art still makes my teeth itch.

Today was pretty productive. I've gotten this petrification commission almost done, and the next two pages of Stella's Guide pretty close to posting on Patreon.

Perhaps I will stop at NOLA Poboys for some food on my way back from the Quarter.

This sure is one of those mornings where I am reminded that whatever else it does, a morning Lesser Pentagram Ritual with all its proper Vibration of Names sure does shake loose the phlegm. Yargh.

Last week I paid down my visa card and it just kinda looked like it brought up my debt instead. Today I called the bank and it turns out that apparently I'd put off paying the thing long enough to get it revoked late last year... and that I also paid off that debt a while back and managed to distractedly stick 750 more into the hole in my account that was still there where the card had been.

This is a thing that happens often enough that there is a well-established process for fixing it; sometime in the next couple weeks I will get 750 back. Thanks, past me, I guess? And now I am on hold again, waiting to get the process of applying for a new card going.

I just skimmed through a two-hour video of a man playing Mario 64 blindfolded. All I could think about while watching this was how many times this man must have played Mario 64 to be able to even *think* about doing this, and that is like at least one order of magnitude more times than I feel anyone should ever really play Mario 64 in their entire life.

I guess some people are just really wired differently. The prospect of playing *any* video game that many times feels ineffably boring to me.

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