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I wanted to doodle something horny so I opened up the Horny Peggy Doodles file and... had absolutely no inspiration. Drat.

Somehow using my knowledge of how sculptors manipulate shadow to inflect the eyes in this petrification commission feels like high-level Artisting.

woo, computer turned off when it thought it had 25% battery left. again. bonus points for Illustrator scaring the shit out of me by bringing up an absolutely blank file after the reboot, though it came up fine once I loaded it again.

I am really not in the place where I wanna be without the computer for a week while I ship it off for battery replacement, especially when it's still showing the battery condition as "normal", so I guess I just gotta keep on dealing with this a while. Good thing I'm aggressive about regularly saving.

there is a place downtown called "Barcadia" and we poked our noses into it while we were out yesterday and the "arcade" part was, like, two elderly fighting games and a Galaga and it was so disappointing

I am choosing to believe this is an incredibly named construction company partnership between a man and a nonbinary person. :blob_aww:

Back in March I was cycling lazily through the park thinking about Magical Stuff when this lady popped into my head and said “Congratulations! You have found the Inner Library!” and requested an access code. None of my first guesses worked. Perhaps I will get it eventually.

Last night I finally got my head in the right place to get the proper sigil on this, and finished it today.

Shirts/prints/etc on Illustrator file on https://www

FSOL's "Dead Cities" is still a pretty good album twenty five years later and also holy crap I am old.

I still feel like taking the cat to the vet took all my spoons for the day. I napped for like 3h after coming home. I would like to get some commission progress in but I just keep on idly picking away at a piece of smut I've been slowly turning from sketch to flat shapes.

Eh, it was an important thing that needed doing, I forgive myself for not getting any paying artwork done today. Maybe tomorrow.

What's the oldest music in your collection?

"Oldest" can refer to when it was recorded, when it was composed, or both.

wow , taking Sugarfoot to the vet this morning was exhausting. I feel like I wanna sleep for an hour.

Her snoot is fucked up because of overreaction to mosquito bites. Neosporin and some time indoors away from mosquitos is indicated.

man reading most of that Zelazny collection sure did inspire me to do some weird-ass free-writing just now. good? bad? i dunno.

more details/context on my blog

From the biographical notes at the end of the final NESFA Press collection of Zelazny’s short stories. Farmer doing Amber would have been one hell of a hot mess. I dunno if it would have been good but it would have been a lot crazier than the Betancourt prequels, for sure.

cw: naked, aroused cartoon ladies 

We have successfully lured Sugarfoot inside, as well as acquired the needed infrastructure for a night or two of housecat. Annoyingly we cannot make an appointment at the local vet, their online appointment thing seems to just quit loading after hours. So either we let her out tonight and try again tomorrow, or keep her in and try to grab a slot first thing in the morning.

Anyway. Hopefully whatever has caused her to have a spotty, itchy, scabby snoot is something that can be cured relatively easily...

cw: naked, aroused cartoon ladies 

textual description of a horny image 

I am gonna be so damn glad to be able to put on reading glasses again instead of perching my distance glasses on the very end of my nose like I’ve been doing for the past month. 14 working days from now at most. Hopefully sooner.

I was gonna try and get some work done but I ended up sitting outside at Bean Gallery and when I stopped browsing the Internet and decided to get down to work it started drizzling. Not hard enough to drive me away but too much to keep the computer out. Ah well. I’ll go home and try again in a little while.

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