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christ, i guess either the crossposter or cybre is being weird about media again. here's the thing

apple updates 

apple updates 

that feeling when your brain starts humming your ringtone right before the phone rings

shortcuts: many

Today, one of the people on the Astute Graphics slack posted a spreadsheet they'd made to analyze the text generated when you hit 'export text' in Illustrator's keyboard shortcut prefs.

I, uh, kind of have a lot of shortcuts here, don't I. It is nice to be able to quickly confirm how full the alphabetic keys are - I have all of ten keys left in the "command-something-letter" department,...

Read the whole post:

I spent a few hours in the park today reading Mat Ruff's "Lovecraft Country" and I really like how all the protagonist in it have READ enough HPL to realize when they are stepping into the kind of situations his stories involve, and then basically ask themselves "what is the opposite of what an HPL protagonist would do" and thusly survive.

It does also help that Ruff's on their side and wants them to survive, of course.

There we go, updated the front cover of Stella's Guide so that the first thing someone scrolling down the page will see is "from the creator of the Silicon Dawn". Thanks to everyone who responded to my toot about this and reminded me to do this when I got home <3

Memo to self: put “From the creator of the Silicon Dawn Tarot” on the front of Stella’s Guide.

So hey I finished the page of Stella's Guide this is from and put it up on Patreon. And updated the patron-only WIP copy of the book.

I also stuck it up on Redbubble if you want prints/a shirt/a notebook/etc.

"never copy what you can photostat and paste up, never photostat and paste up what you can scan and image trace" - wally wood, probably, if he was using adobe illustrator

I just bought a membership at the local museum and oh god I feel like such an adult now somehow.

It's in the park that's a short bike ride away and really the price of the membership is less than like twenty visits to the sculpture garden - which used to be free but went to a few bucks over the pandemic. It'll be good to have that back as a workspace, never mind adding "wander through the museum and chill with my laptop on a bench".

Back to business as usual at Parkway. Next to no masks in sight. Including on us, we had them but left them in our pocket.

A panel from that I am really quite exceedingly happy with. She's in the middle of demonstrating a magical ritual that involves imagining oneself becoming bigger than all outdoors.

Also the Milky Way-like thing in the background is done with a spooge brush, because why not?

okay this one came out really nice, I should probably figure out what her snakes and the Eye are doing in this panel too but the computer's about out of power and it's dinner time.

sitting in the cafe just drawing straight up softcore macro porn for my magical manual, how's your day going?

A couple more pages of Stella on the public site: the snakes reading excerpts from the Regardie brick, and Stella introducing the chapter on the first part of the first ritual!

Patrons get a preview of the next page, and a link to the WIP of the whole thing so far:

FA front page treasures: n account dedicated entirely to pictures of Transformers wearing diapers.

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