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guess I spent a couple hours working on this thing

probably would have taken less time but I spent a little while trying to track down some bugs with WidthScribe, I really love what it can do for me but I am definitely upgrading my mental rating of its stability to "save before hitting the Make With Front Object button"

sitting in a cafe after running an errand, trying to decide if I'm gonna work on this some more, or chip at commissions, or work on Stella or Parallax

And really I can’t complain. I *like* drawing furry porn. I do it for myself.

Other artist: “...and how have you found support for [posting your own work on Patreon]? I’m pretty tired of working on other people’s projects.”

Me: “20y of building a following, mostly by drawing furry porn.”

r-type final kickstarter backer codes coming soon, woo!

there is a very special pleasure in saying to yourself "The thing I am about to ask Illustrator to do is complicated and strange and may make it crash, I should save", saving, then doing the thing and having it crash.

Five seconds lost. Knowledge gained. It's a win.

Another hour of pretending I’m Escher pretending he’s Piranesi. Planning on getting into some serious shit with Astute’s Widthscribe for the faces on the right hand column.

that's about an hour, I think it is time to take a break and do some errands

so apparently today is "get baked and pretend I am Giovanni Battista Piranesi day"

the final image will probably be entirely B&W, or possibly two very contrasting colors, I haven't decided yet

cats (++); birdsite meme; police reform; The Thick Grey Stripe between civilization and anarchy 

OKAY thanks to a couple good suggestions I have made the perfect US flag, we just need to admit DC and Puerto Rico and split California in two for this to work. LET'S GET ON IT!

There is a meme going around Twitter of “how far are you from where you grew up” and I am currently about six miles away from that address. This number has been a little over 2k in the past.

It gives me perspective. I like it here a lot more now.

Oh man after like twenty years I can *finally* listen to the title track off of Jarre's "Zoolook" without feeling weird about listening to it a hundred times while syncing it up to my animation school reel.

Actually it's more like twenty stars, this is seventy. Gonna be a while even if we admit Cuba and DC and decide to split California into two or three states.

Today I learnt that the US flag code does not explicitly specify the arrangement of the stars in the blue part. Just the number. These are all valid flags.

Sadly I would need about five more states before I can arrange the stars to unequivocably read TRANS RIGHTS.

man my energy level for drawing just dropped today

maybe if I work on a different piece, I dunno

so @zebratron2084 was trying to annoy me by sticking ice down the front of my shirt but they forgot this is the tropics and it is hot and I just kinda nestled it into my bra and asked for more :ds_happy:

It is a bit more than a week since my second vaccination and I still have not sprouted a lizard tail. Shittiest TF catalyst ever.

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