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Oh. Huh. I always *did* feel like something was a little off about Discord.

Blah. Once more the circuit breaker popped when I tried to watch something on the living room projector. We haven't added anything, it was working fine for the entire time we'd lived here so far. Time to put in a maintenance request and have a pro come out and figure out what's gone wrong.

Today I went out to the park with my hammock and the Jackal Book and got a snowball on the way there and sat out in the slightly chilly spring air reading an exhaustive survey of the titles of the priests of various Egyptian jackal gods.

Then I got a spicy chicken sandwich from a barbecue place on the way home, and napped for a while once I was back.

I still find it kind of hilarious that I am now in a place in my life where "an incredibly dry scholarly work on various Egyptian jackal gods" is something I will sit around reading for fun.

I see artist memes about the terror of accidentally inking on your sketch layer on a regular basis. It seems to be a common error given the like/share counts on these things.

Do none of y'all ever, like, *lock* your layers? Because, like, I do, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've accidentally drawn on a sketch layer.

Locking my sketch layer and setting up layers to draw on is an important part of my transition from "sketching" to "finishing art".

This morning my mental self-image seems to be "feral dragon the size of a car" and all I want to do is curl up in the sun and nap.

I was gonna sit in a cafe and upload all of the Pentacles to Redbubble but I ended up at the new Morning Call which doesn't have internet (yet? they did just open up) and a phone that I forgot to plug in last night, so I ended up spending ~2h working on Stella's Guide instead.

I kinda would like to spend another half hour getting the pents up tonight, but, really, fuck it, that's pretty good for a day I didn't actually do any planning for, I'm done. I'm gonna play some more Echo or something.

I am very happy with the phrase "30-40 Feral Milkshake Ducks" as a summation of "looking at social media" for this panel in Stella's Guide about how some of these things can be quietly practiced on the bus.

I'm glad April Fool is over, because now it can be April Magician. Then tomorrow it can be April High Priestess.

today I learnt that opening up fifteen copies of a tab with a copy of the Name-containing Ace of Wands so that you can duplicate their product settings into the rest of the suite will result in a *distinct sensation* of the Presence of the thus-accidentally-invoked Name, who kinda sat around tapping his foot wondering why I'd asked him here

I apologized :)

Getting ready to play Human Batch Processor and upload all the Wands to Redbubble.

But first I decided to add some stuff to the varnish of the Ace of Wands. And a few Names here and there.

Good morning. It is April Second; time to upgrade your Internet Trust Level from "assume anything at all sensational is an April Fools joke" to "assume everything is misinformation paid for by someone with several orders of magnitude more money than you".

Stages Of Artistic Skill.

1. How can I draw this?
2. How can I draw this better?
3. How can I draw this faster, without compromising quality?

I've been asking myself that last question more and more and I am never displeased with what I learn by doing that.

Hey so I just spent a half an hour posting the Wands suit of the Silicon Dawn to Redbubble. If you want a print of one of those cards on your wall, or on various other things, go take a look!

I am eating a sandwich. It is ham, cheese, mustard, and pepper jelly.

And honey.

I am really surprised at how much my impulsive addition of some thick, crystallized honey is improving his overall experience. Damn. Stoner cuisine win, right there.

April 1st Message 

Behold this tiny, but important change that I made to the 0 of (VOID) while setting things up so Illustrator would render high-res copies of the Tarot deck for me to finally set up for print-on-demand.

I still feel like I wanna do something for Macro March but I don't want to actually dig up and finish the doodle I did earlier and I dunno if this quickie sketch feels right either. Ah well.

secrets, darkness, midnight rite

calling Cassiel via Mercury on the sousaphone

sombre nighttime lurking orchestral, mighty and dark and all alone


more details/print links on my site:

I just spent like twenty minutes meticulously documenting an insanely obscure bug in Adobe Illustrator.

It is just a minor UI issue, it will probably never get fixed. I spent at least half of my time writing this documentation on trying to sell it to someone browsing through the bug database looking for a low-effort break from Serious Stuff.

what if we all started saying "" instead of ""

octothorpe tag galaxybrainideas

octothorpe tag verystoned

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