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idly trying to cobble together a Latin translation of "Fuck Around And Fund Out" for a Magickal Name

right now I have "Irrumabo Incurcum Cognoscere" which Google Translate completely fails at grokking and I should probably crack open an actual Latin grammar instead of relying on the authority of whatever sites turn up when I use duckduckgo

(If I type "fuck around and find out" into Google Translate and start re-translating the results back and forth until it reaches equilibrium, I get "major fere XVI et quaerere" which Google says translates to "greater than about 16, and to seek", which I find vaguely amusing)

Power came back ahead of schedule. I sat around and read. Finished off Banks' "Transition", which I'd felt like re-reading.

It is a twisty little book that opens with a declaration that its Narrator is Unreliable, then has what really feels like some pointed references to "The Bridge" and a philosophical ramble about solipsism that runs through the end of the book, like the one in the back half of "Against A Dark Background". Perhaps I should re-read them sometime and ponder. I got a new copy of AaDB after Katrina but not one of Bridge.

Recently we learnt that ever since Katrina there is a streak of Maine Coon in the feral cat population of New Orleans - I guess an uncut purebred got out and had a really good time. I am looking at some descriptions of this breed and it really sounds familiar; these cats are all pretty friendly and self-possessed. And chatty.

Well. Powers out. Entergy’s current estimate is 10pm. Guess today is just not a work day for me.

Shit, I switched to a small bag to go out to the cafe and I forgot to put the little bag with the tablet pen and cable in there. Guess I'm just chilling out with my sandwich and the internet a while, then!

discussion of used sex toys 

I suddenly wonder if anyone has made an urban fantasy story with the line “The street finds its own uses for magic” somewhere in it. What is the intersection between cyberpunk and magic?

Besides Shadowrun, I mean.

And here is the title image for SEEING THE ELEPHANT.

And an alternate version lurking in the same file. Neither is done, I think. Like I said, I decided I didn't want to do it.

I might be starting to do something like it now with those recent op pieces. Maybe they'll merge with this idea. Who knows.

Also here are two more really vibratey pieces from 2009, right before I got the deal with Lo Scarabeo for the Tarot deck and started to finish off the extra cards. And the snake from 2012 because she is the same theme as one of the B&W images i the previous toot.

I am glad to be re-engaging with optically active art again with those archangel pieces and that one drawing of Hermanubis, I feel like I may need to do several more deity pictures in that vein sometime soon.

The "Star" image here was some part of my brain saying I wanted to do a second Tarot deck full of B&W Op trickery. It probably would have been cool but I really didn't want to go right into a second one. Its tentative title was "Seeing the Elephant" and I'm really not sure why.

There is a thing going around of "post your favorite work from ten years ago" and, well, looks like I was just getting going on Rita then so here's some stuff from late 2010. I really love that color one.

I drew this little guide to drawing hands back in 2006. It still pretty succinctly describes what I think about when drawing hands. If I was gonna add anything to it it'd be "don't be afraid to take a reference photo of your hand or someone else's and sketch over it when you have a tough pose".

Okay a bike parade of people in costume hollering "Happy Mardi Gras" just passed down my street and I feel better.

uspol, lack of Carnival 

uspol, lack of Carnival 

I had a Giraffe Party while in
Purple Moose Mode. I do not know what is happening but it is silly.

Moose Life sure is a Llamasoft game.

Is it one of the great Llamasoft games? I dunno, I just started playing it and it’s kind of too bright in here to really get into its zone right now. But it is out on the PS4 now!

On the stroke of midnight on Mardi Gras, all king cake in the city either becomes magic or airborne toxins depending on if it’s inside of someone. We’d better make sure this becomes magic.

Last night, dream me failed to deliver a rousing speech/howl to motivate an army of were-coyotes. But she did manage to open a carton of milk in the special way that let it remain Void Milk.

Void Milk is blue crystals and it fills you with power when you drink it.

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