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Crawled out of bed. Spent a couple hours in front of the computer finishing a commission. Looks pretty good, hope the client agrees it's done.

Now to decide what to do with the rest of my day. Catching up on dishes would be nice. So would having some food, so would be getting some exercise. It's pretty cold for hopping on my bike, and will be for the next few days. Hmm.

Hello music-player skin Olivia, it's been a while.

I got mentioned in a retrospective of Audion skins over on Panic's blog:

Random idea: Get drunk. Mail copies of the collected Decrypting Rita to Marvel and DC, with a cover letter that just says “Hi. You should pay me to draw Quicksilver/The Flash like this for a year.” And see what happens.

Probably nothing unless I turn out to have a secret fan there. But who knows.

Update: I spent an hour working on a Pac-Lady giving a blowjob to a ghost monster. Once again, I am doing something right with my life for this to be my job.

I just got asked about maybe doing a set of commissioned images of the angels invoked in the LBRP as dragons and I sure am doing something right with my life for that to happen.

Dead Cells sure has added a lot of stuff since I last played it.

Which was basically “I got to the last boss and discovered it is really built to suck for people who prefer long-range play styles and put it down for ages”.

Well that worked out well, I managed to persuade them to refund the whole thing despite a policy of "if the game's been downloaded we will never refund you". On something my PS4 autodownloaded. With no switches anywhere in the settings that say "never auto-download shit".

I wonder how big a line item "scammy/accidental purchases we didn't refund because they were auto-downloaded to your PS4" is on the Playstation balance sheet?

Ugh some motherfucker bought a year's membership in Playstation Plus and Mortal Kombat 11 and all the DLC and Earth Defense Forces on my account and now my bank account is negative, fuckshit.

I had a lot of dreams written down in my dream notebook this morning but my favorite part was where I was in a back hall of a huge place, running up the walls in slow-mo and doing flips off of them. Super rad.

When I was finishing Erin Morgenstern’s “The Starless Sea” I had a sudden urge to pull up the High Priest from my Tarot deck and rework it so that the central figure is my fursona. Perhaps I will do this tomorrow.

Also I am not sure if I thought “Starless Sea” is actually a good book. Like her previous work, it has very pretty writing that it is very much in love with but I just never felt too close to it.

Yeah this came out pretty red. We will see how it looks after a few washes but I am happy to see this color in the mirror again!

Also this photo seems to have turned upside down and I think I’m fine with that. admin stuff, new rule re: ban/block evasion, with note regarding multiple systems admin stuff, new rule re: ban/block evasion, with note regarding multiple systems 

Whoops. I got the kind of dye that you mix with developer instead of the kind of dye that is an entirely separate step from bleaching. Also the kind of dye that comes out of the tube as a pearly white and slowly turns into the desired color as it mixes with the developer.

This will do for now but it'll make color variance harder, I'll have to go get a few tubes of the other kind of stuff because I like creating gradients in my hair!

Hopefully I am still gonna end up with RED hair instead of pink, at least.

Woohoo, the hair dye I ordered a couple days ago came in! I can return to my natural hair color of “that ain’t natural”.

I wonder if people will start carding me for alcohol purchases again. Nobody cards you when your hair’s mostly white.

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