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okay so apparently Nemesis the Warlock is really fucking fun to draw and I bet O'Neill laughed his ass off at some of his drawings because I was giggling like a lunatic while drawing these little headshots just now

I could never decide if those lines on the front of his throat were gritted teeth or scale ridges and, fuck it, just lean into it.


look sometimes you just gotta draw a weird space dragon beating the fuck out of some space klansmen, okay?

It always makes me feel like some kind of magician to tweak a color swatch and have the whole nearly-finished painting change to match.

me, looking at the horny art I drew last night while f.lux was on: "oh so THAT'S what color that leash was"

( if you wanna see it, warning: Extreme Cartoon Dragon Lady Funparts.)

Cats are back home! We have seen everyone but Shomp and we know they dropped off four cats this morning.


eels are just snakes cosplaying as fish

:disputed: this is not true, eels are not snakes, they are food. Snakes are friends.

hello would you like to be able to use Twitter's new "disputed" icon in your discussions

now you can

:disputed: This is not verified by anyone, welcome to the anarchy of the Fediverse - use your own damn brain!

There is a light positioned just right for it to gleam off of the shiny parts of my Wacom tablet. And there is a ceiling fan between the light and me. So there is this annoying flickering gleam off the side of my tablet in the corner of my eye.

I find myself very tempted to take it apart and either roughen up this shiny part, or paint it with matte paint, so this never happens again. I should probably make sure I can easily acquire a backup travel tablet in case I fuck this up beforehand, though.

This is your occasional reminder that everyone who says suffering is necessary for art is full of shit. I get a LOT more art done when I am happy, and it is better than what I do when I am not happy.

holy crap when did my Patreon creep up to $131/page, if I can start finishing up these Parallax pages again that'd be REAL NICE

Something in the back of my head is telling me that I need to get back to Parallax or some other Big Project very soon or I shall start being very very sad.

oh geez so much cat whimpering happened today, we got four of the five under-house cats into traps and took them to the TNR place and nobody was happy

they should be back tuesday unless one of the ladies turns out to have a few gestating, we don't think anyone's showing so cross your fingers

we need to make very sure to have tasty snacks for them when they get back to buy their loyalty once more

Cat carriers: acquired. Tomorrow we put five of the eight cats in here and take them out on their journey to The Snip.

It will be weird not having them around for a few days while they recover! But this will lower everyone’s stress a ton in the long run.

Sugarfoot and the kittens are having Gooshy Food and once we have given the kittens some little box training in a bit I am going to go out and pick up some CAT CARRIERS that will be used tomorrow to bring everyone except these three on a journey to Spay Town. Yayyy!

I just spent like fifteen minutes teaching the kittens a very important message: the Jingly Man is a strange creature who defies the normal laws of time and space, who must be destroyed at all costs when he manifests.

Sugarfoot helped by pointing out that he is on a string.

Hey, guess what? You just won The Game. You can stop playing it now.

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